Should we?


We have regularly received the Disney Visa offers in the mail and have just thrown them away but yesterday my DW asked if this was something we should do. Is it worth getting one? It says we get a $200 Disney gift card after our first use so that would be great to begin with. What other benefits are there?


My DW and I put almost all our expenses on the card and then pay it off every month with no interest charged. You get 1 “point” for every $100. By Oct. we should have 300 points or so. That’s $300 for us to use at WDW!!


Joseph’s is a big reason we use it. They have other perk’s which come up along w/some discounts at WDW things.


Also, having one gets you on the inside of Disney released deals, such as percent off a resort room. They usually open up the deal to Visa card holders first, then a week later everyone else.


I would think that it’s worth it.


I love my DV card. I use it for all my monthly expenses. I have earned 530 dollars/points to use this year. We also pay off the balance every month so there’s no finance charge.
I had a pin attached to my name from my card–30%off my room. Right there is worth having it! :happy:


It is a big risk to me, but I love the cash back. I looked into it, but it is a really high interest rate and I didn’t want to risk that. It almost takes away the benefit of the cash back if you don’t pay it off every month ASAP.


Your absolutely right it does, especially after the introductory rate is over :eek:. I ALWAYS pay it off.


The upront gift card is nice. It’s easy to earn a couple hundred bucks a year. like one of the other posts, I use it to pay bills, then make the payment to the card. Grocery shopping, then pay the card. The rate is not the best, so, just make sure to pay it off monthly.


DW & I have each had our own cards for the last 4 years and we both love it. She has her own account and I have mine. The points come in handy in this case for helping to offset the cost of the 3 day passes I will get for this weekend’s trip. I also pay my card off every month on time so I have not had to worry about fees, etc.

Well worth it to try out at the least since it has no annual fee


I use mine all the time, pay it off each month and, as of my last statement, I have $546 that we will use during our October trip. If you have the discipline to pay it off every month, it is well worth it plus the perks, like the character meet & greet at Epcot and free photo.


I just got mine this week. We always pay off our balance every month so it’s a win win for us!


we :heart: ours…it’s the only card i use…i hardly ever use cash for anything…always earning points for souvenir $$ for our next trip!

we never carry a balance over…NEVER.
we were just laughing last night how they want to charge us 13%…but NO…WE charge them 1%!! hahahaha