Shuttle landing


the shuttle is landing on wednesday morning? can it be seen rom the park?


I’ve seen them take off from CBR and form Blizzard Beach- awesome sight! However, I dont know about landing? Someone will know I’m sure.


yeah - we saw a night launch from world showcase in 2006 and a early morning launch from our baclony @ the boardwalk in april. an amazing sight…


Yes the Shuttle is scheduled to land on Wed. No you will not be able to see it. If the path is right you will hear the sonic boom.


I LOVE being in the park when the shuttle lands because the Sonic Boom scares EVERYONE to death for those who don’t know it’s landing


I wish I was there to hear it! I wonder if they would delay the landing for say 30 days?


We saw it one morning in the AK parking lot. Really awe-inspiring. It’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time.