Shuttle Launch


We are going to be at Disney for the Aug 7th shuttle launch. Has anyone here ever went over to watch a launch? Without paying to get into Kennedy, where is a good place to watch? I’ve heard the Cocoa Beach Pier is a good place. The launch is scheduled for 7pm, when should we get there. Thanks.


Just ask a cast member. Depending were you are they will point you in the right direction. We seen it from Caribbean beach resort it was amazing. You more than likly will just see the vapor cloud going up be its worth looking at.


I have been for several launches, although not recently.

Take 528 East (Beach Line/Bee Line) from Orlando. Once you get to the coast take US 1 north for about 4 miles. It will eventually be right on the Lagoon. Find a parking spot and look east. While not as great as being in the press/family area. It is still pretty cool.


Ready 2 Go was at WDW for the last shuttle launch. He has a pic of it in his TR. He was able to see it from the Contemporary- if I remember correctly. It was a cool picture.


I heard that if it launches at night that you can see it from the entire state of FL…flames from the rocket booster lights up the entire state and turns it into daylight! :rolleyes:


We were staying at OKW in early June. We were at the pool… when everyone stopped what they were doing and stared up at the sky. We were like… what is everyone looking at? It was the Space Shuttle… it had just launched and you could see it!! Way Cool!!


We watched one years ago from the observation deck at the Contemporary. It was a great view (as long as there are no clouds in the sky).


never witnessed one myself I just wanted to wish you a fab time. I would love to see a launch one day. How exciting!


Not quite, but I have seen it in Miami, but you’ve got to be looking in the right direction, and not have any clouds between you and it.
I’d drive out to Cocoa Beach and watch from anywhere on the beach itself. Probably arrive 4 hours before, seeing it’s at sunset. Just don’t be surprised if it doesn’t fly that day.
I was in Epcot when one launched in 2002, but didn’t see it.


We saw the last one perfectly from the Animal Kingdom parking lot - we were just getting out of the car, when one of my dd’s shouted “Look!” It was very cool.


I saw the last one go up from Epcot, Right over Mission Space amazing. If it goes up on Aug 7th I won’t be able to see it from the beach. However one of my favorite places to go is jetty state park. Its about as close as you can get without being at NASA. I watched the 4th of July Launch from there it was amazing. Jetty state park is at the end of the Beachline.