Shuttles to "Other" Parks?


Does anyone know if Disney offer transportation to Universal or Sea world from the resorts?:pinch:


When i was there in 2005 all you had to do was ask at the desk and they would arrange soemthing that was kinda like a taxi…only it was actually a van. I think it cost $60 in total (there and back) and they only had it on certain days of the week. We only took this to Seaworld although i know they had one for Universal to. We stayed at all star music.


I wonder what it would cost to get to Sea World in a cab.
Dana will know, she’s done it before.


Some people opt to rent a car for the day. It can actually be cheaper then the taxi. I think I like this option better, because then I don’t have to be on any sort of schedule.


I remember when I was a teenager my Grandmother calling the desk to arrange for a yellow van, it was probably Mears, to take us from our WDW resort extrance to Universal & Sea World. Obviously I don’t remember how much it cost but the CMs at your resort’s concierge desk will absolutely help you arrange transportation.


I had a towncar for the day. I used Tiffany’s. It cost me $50 round trip, but that price is now like $75 as it was years ago that I did this. The cab is going to run you about the same price, so go with the towncar. Renting a car for the day is probally the cheapest of the options…don’t use a shuttle. I dont’ care what the price is. You have no control over pick-up and drop off times etc and it’s not worth it to me.