Does anyone know if they run shuttles to Seaworld and Universal from disney resorts? I know when i stayed at All star Music in 2006 they did on certain days of the week. I’m staying at pop century in dec and was jsut wondering if they still do this as im planning on going to both places. Also if they do run them does anyone know what days of the week they run on???
Thanks for ur help!!:blush:


I thought that Mears did a shuttle to SW and US. You should just call or check with them.


Or, I suppose you could consider a taxi


Back in '94 when I went for my HM, Disney ran a shuttle . . . I didn’t think they did this anymore, but if you used it in 2006 they must! :confused:

I would call Disney and ask them . . . or I’m sure someone here will know the answer!

Good luck!


I checked Mears website, and while I could not find direct confirmation that they run shuttles from Disney resorts to Universal/Seaworld. They did say that they run shuttles from most major hotels to them.

For Busch Gardens you can make reservations on the Mears website and Disney hotels are listed as pick up points. So I imagine this applies to Universal/Sea world also.


Not that I know for sure, but I’m 99% almost sure that they didn’t because the idea is to keep you on WDW propert for purpses of spending your money.

I think I recall hearing that there may have been some sort of bus available at the Trasnportation Center though.