Side jobs for Disney


Hm with the thought of another thread on here I was thinking it will be nice to know of ways everyone makes money for Disney …

I save my change in a glass jar but I also sell Mia Bella Soy Candles and put whatever extra I get from it …into my Disney Fund…


Great idea.
I started a coin jar, and any extra $$ (which isn’t alot, usually $5 or so) goes into an old wallet I have, safe and sound were no one will find it, I just hope I don’t forget where it is… lol.

I started putting $$ aside about 5 months before our last trip (no change) and had over $200. Since we are not planning on going until September 2008, I am hoping to have a nice little stash.


We have a coin jar also for the kids… whatever we save in it… goes for souvenirs for them. Aside from that we just budget it in.


We have a coin jar that the kids call the “cation” jar. The little ones are great at finding change to put in it- our new one is one of those plastic banks shaped like the disney wonder.
As for side jobs- I watch a neighbors house and take the mail for them as they travel a lot- I watch my friends kids as a latchkey type of thing. I take every rebate check and refund check and stick it into a special savings account. I do those paid opinion things for money. I watch for savings on absolutely everything. I will budget a certain amount of $ for bills and if I can keep the bills down (like turning off lights and hanging out laundry or not driving anywhere to save gas) I will take that extra and pay our “cation” account. Slowly it all ads up


The kids usually start doing extra jobs around the house and for their grandparents a month or two before we go to Disney. It is a good way for them to earn money for the trip. We made them pay for half of their snacks this year and they had purchase there own souveneirs.
Since the price of Disney has gone up, I will probably teach an enrichment class after school for extra money. My school allows teachers to teach classes for extra money.


“cation”… that is so sweet…


I work fulltime as a retail store manager so every bonus I got through the year, I stashed aside. I also picked up a part-time waitressing job and work about 4-5 nights a week when I wasn’t at my store. That really made a difference. I would save tips and the check at the end of the week. Also…have a garage sale…I made almost 500 bucks last summer on kids clothes! I just had another one this past weekend and made about 300 bucks.
Another idea is deliver a weekend newspaper. I did just a Saturday edition and averaged about 600 bucks a month for just a few hours every Saturday morning. You would have to have a little car that is excellent on gas now though to come out ahead from gas prices.


I am looking for a part time job, but haven’t found one yet. Am pretty down that no one has called me back.


My DD 11 & DD 14 put on a show for us the night before we leave and charge us for a ticket to see it. This helps them earn money to spent in Disney and there the best. Plus chore’s.


Things will break, its out there for you. It will come.


I do a lot of the banking for the mini mice through our credit union. So if they have cash to deposit, I keep it and put it away. (I’ll transfer $ from my checking to their savings).


YARD SALE :laugh: - have a yard sale with ALL proceeds going to Disney Trip. We did this last year and made enough to pay for our rooms. Saturday we had another one to help pay for rooms and made enough to call :phone: this morning and pay off the balance on both our roomsfor our October trip.

This is the only time we have yard sales. Nothing else is worth that much trouble.:blink:


Budget… And my wife will ebay too…