Side step


I found this great arifare search engine. IT’s called . It searches every possible avenue for airfare for the dates you enter. It will get you the lowest possible price! No more going to each indiviual airline’s site and searching for their promotions…this does it for you!

here’s the link


Very cool Dana…Thanks!


What a great website! I love how complete it is and how it’s formatted. Thanks for sharing, Dana.


Great site, Dana! Thanks.


Thanks, Dana!! I also like


Yeah, is great, B. I know someone that owns a travel agency, and when clients call up for airfare, he searches, finds the cheapest price, and then charges the client a service fee. :glare:


Impressive! Thanks for the cool new tool, Dana, I’ll be sure to use it.


yep, i love, love, love sidestep. For cruises, especially for trips within the next 90 days, try (including disney cruises). The disney resorts are also often on their spinoff site


Sidestep is great! Clark Howard (consumer guru) recommends it, so you know it’s good!


Thanks Dana! :happy:


You are welcome all. I hope it helps those of you looking for the good prices on airfare. I know I check it every morning…lol


wow Dana, that is a great site. Thank you for posting the link.


Anytime darrrrrlink. :heart:


Thanks Dana. If I ever get to go on vacation again, I hope to use it!


I don’t know if I have seen this before maybe I just have been missing it. But I have known of side-step/ but this the first I have seen of Jetblue giving out dates on these sites a good 21/2 months out compared to their own homepage. I am waiting on our dates Dec22-Jan4, but using those two sites JetBlue is Skyhigh! I wonder if those prices are going to be the ones we see when they open up some dates?


I am afriad so Franco. The differences in price for airfare for now and October is just amazing to me. I am going to end up paying almost $40 more a ticket this trip and that’s using a budget airline…driving is starting to look like an option.