*sigh* one month ago today


Was our first day in Magic Kingdom. I miss waking up in my Grand Floridian room, with a perfect view of the castle:crying:


I feel your pain terribly. I miss WDW sooooo much. I want to go back one more time this year but I am not sure if I will.


OMG girls, girls. Stop you’ll be miserable for the entire time you’re not able to go. Here’s what you do:
Plan a new trip…go, have fun…
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one month from today is our first day at WDW…sorry for your pain, but we booked this trip over a year ago, so I am super excited. It’s all in the countdown…plan another trip!


We do have another trip planned… but, let me have my disney pity party for today. lol

I will be better tomorrow!


:goofybounce::cheshire::goofybounce::cheshire:34 days from today!!!MNSSHP!!!:pirate:


::laugh:99 days we will be at WDW for a week. Will be at the Wilderness; my son, youngest daughter and I. All adults and my son is the Head Mouse of the group. I am sure he will read this.:blush: And be proud I have the correct count.

Port Orleans 2008 to celebrate two milestone birthdays
Wilderness Lodge 2006
Boardwalk 2003


no,no, no. I need sympathy! lol. it’s MY pity party.

I am really happy for you guys who are going soon.:mickey:


I am sooo sorry you are missing it… hope it gets easier soon for you… I understand completely…right now planning and counting down is the only thing some days at work that is my bright spot to make it thru the day…I understand pity party very well right now…


One week away from ours!!! :mickey::mickey::mickey: