Sign of the times


I noticed this a lot when I was in Disney during Christmas week! I’ve NEVER seen this in all the times I’ve been. 40 - 50% off items in the stores. :huh:

The actual little tear off tags were ripped off and everything had been repriced to a reduced rate . . . the park was BUSY, but people weren’t buying. (It was kinda like the mall!):laugh:

See this article: Orlando Sentinel - Sale prices at Disney by

[B]Sale prices at Disney
posted by Matt Palm on Dec 30, 2008 3:42:02 PM[/B]

[I]There’s something disconcerting about seeing sale signs at Disney World… I mean, we expect to pay $8 for a hot dog. Why would they lower prices?

All I can say is when Disney discounts T-shirts 40 percent, you know the economy is in dire straits.

And that is the current discount on shirts at shops within the Disney World theme parks. All hats and mugs are also discounted 40 percent. Christmas ornaments (and tree skirts, the signs tell us) are marked down 50 percent.

The signs are fairly discreet and tasteful. It’s not like Mickey is screaming, “We’re selling out to the bare walls!” with Donald squawking “Our prices are cra-a-a-zy!”

Still, it’s a disquieting sign of the times.

By the way, I picked up a cool Haunted Mansion tee for about $12. Just doing my part as a patriotic American to get the economy moving again!


Hmm. Yes it is I suppose. Is it wrong that I hope they have deals still going on in March?


I noticed that too, Jen. I bought some Mickey beach towels, Mickey ornaments, and some t-shirts and hats. I couldn’t walk away from the sale! (Just doing my best to keep Disney in business)


Me too! The girls wanted the Minnie Santa hats, when they rang up at $8 each, I couldn’t believe it! :laugh::laugh:


I hate to say this but I hope they still have some sales going on in Feb. I know it’s the sign of the economy but still…we’ve been paying the super duper Disney prices…would be nice to get a discount here and there.


I noticed the same thing! I’ve NEVER seen a sale at WDW before!

I bought several Christmas Ornaments at 40-50 percent off BEFORE Christmas!

T-shirts were ALL 40 percent off! I got that Cool and Awesome Monorail shirt like MissDis for 14 dollars and Matt got an awesome NE Patriots shirt from ESPN for 14!

Also, you know how they offer the tote for 10 dollars WITH purchase???

Well - the Christmas bag was ONLY 5.00 with NO minimum purchase.

Crazy, huh??? :huh:

I loved it! We had such a great time for my birthday!

OH - AND Mickey was totally in the lobby of the Contemporary!


Oh and they are also having that same sale at the Disney Stores - I went to the outlet AFTER I went to WDW (the next week) and they had 40 percent off of T-shirts there, too!

I bought Caisley a Princess t-shirt for 4.00!!! (Originally 24!)


I believe that this started on the 12th or 13th. I first noticed it at DHS and then back at Fort Wilderness. The CM working at Ft. Wilderness said she has worked there for 8 years and she has never seen a sale like this. Oh, and her paperwork regarding her sale didn’t have an end date, just a starting date.

Their plan worked on us- I came with a very small budget on our last trip and I told my self that I was not going to buy T-Shirts. I walked out with 4!! I just wish I would have bought some of the Christmas stuff. Hopefully there will still be a great sale on my birthday trip in 3 weeks!!

I think it is great that they are doing this- bad economy or not! It is nice to get a little break after all the money we spend at the parks- and just maybe, if all the stuff wasn’t so overpriced, we would buy more of it in the first place.


It’s so ironic that we’re doing all these sales and such, yet when this year is over tomorrow it’ll have been another record-breaking year in park attendance. People keep coming but we’re making all these cuts and sales.


At DTD/Marketplace this week, there was a store that had $5 bins of Disney items! It as so sad… like a Dollar Store, but Disneyfied. Big signs said “Nothing over $5!”


I am sorry I missed those 5 dollah bins!! :laugh:

But at least we have matching shirts. :laugh: :wub:


Somehow my heart doesn’t break for Disney having to have a sale.:glare: I don’t buy much there anyway - I love the parks but I’m not the kind to be wearing Disney Logo t-shirts in the real world. But I just may buy a few things if it’s still going on it Feb.


I think they are still coming! I didn’t notice the crowds were down. I just noticed people weren’t buying stuff as much as they used too!

I just think as far as what you get in a Disney trip, you get a lot for the price.

It’s the hats, shirts, mugs, stuffed dolls, pins, etc. etc. that make the trips not affordable! So people are still attending, just not spending! :wink:


I am hoping the sale is on for awhile. I would like to get a new sweatshirt.


I noticed the SAME thing when we were there in Oct. Towards the end of our trip we were already seeing the Halloween merchandise ‘on clearance’ and it was only Oct. 15th!!


I’m the same way…the only Disney clothing I own is a sweatshirt I bought to cuddle up in at home. An expensive cuddle shirt I know but I love it.
I would never wear it to the mall or anything–I’m just weird like that.


I bought a Mickey plush a few weeks ago at the Emporium and saved like $12 off the original price. I couldn’t believe it!


I too am hoping for some sales next month when we are there. I need to get a few things for our fundraiser this year.

…and I could use a new watch!:biggrin:


well don’t get to used to it…don’t forget this inventory was ordered before the big collapse …they will probably adjust their oredering …but enjoy…happy new year


are the Fiesta Margarita’s on sale?