Signs that I'm excited about my upcoming trip


In just 2.5 weeks, I’ll be living the magic with my family and friends in my happy place. You can tell I’ve got a trip coming up and I’m super excited because:

  • I’m wearing my Disney Crocs instead of my slippers

  • I’ve been on MB at least 10 times a day

  • I’ve spoken with a CM more times this week than anyone else

  • I check the weather in Orlando twice a day

  • I’ve been wearing a different disney pin to work every day

  • I google ride videos and watch them with the kids

  • I’ve downloaded new Disney tunes to my iPod

  • I’ve been caught watching my Disney countdown clock tick away the seconds

  • All day, I’ve been humming “So this is Love…”

  • Everyday, I check for great deals

  • When the hostess where I work hands me a tip, she calls it “Mickey Money”

  • There are piles of clothing stacked all over the house “to be pack” and empty suitcases cramming up my hall

…and a million other things as well!!!

How do ya’ll get when it’s so close you can taste the mickey bars?


Ahhh, I am SOOOOOOOOOO incredibly jealous! You are going to have SUCH a super fantabulous time! I CANNOT believe that trip is here already, didn’t it seem FOREVER AWAY when we were talking about it during Girl Trip?

These 2 weeks will FFFLLLLLYYYYYY!!!


blah…i am so jealous I almost can’t formulate a sentence.


Here’s how you know I’m excited!!! :biggrin::

*I lay out all my travel-size cosmetic items and just sit there staring at them. Then I’ll leave the room and come back a few minutes later and stare at them again.

*Every time I put coins in the change jar, I picture them being magically transformed into Disney Dollars.

*I can’t stop playing Disney music - in the house and in the car.

*I sit down with a book and end up reading a WDW guide book - again - instead.

*I am with you…I check the weather in Orlando twice a day. :laugh:

  • My car is pointed south.

I’m excited for you!!!

BUT… I fit in the jealous category. Usually i am planning my summer trip, but have to wait a little longer this year.


I am sooooooooooooooooo jealous… I can’t believe that you only have 2 weeks till you are in wonderful WARM WDW… lucky you…


Jen, I am in same boat as you except for the crocs part, lol. I have been watching the ride videos and looking at TR’s. And my old pictures, and the kids summer clothes are packed. I am going to the store today to get socks and stuff for everyone, and shampoos ad all that good stuff to pack that bag.


Im sooo happy for you. I cant wait to see a zillion pictures and read an awesome TR. have a great time and tell Cpt jack I will see him soon :heart:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Well, when I get so excited that it’s almost here… I read MB like it’s my job! at my job- as soon as I get in the door- I call WDW at least 2 times a day to just “check on one more thing”. I do NOT pack. I think about what we need but do not pack- because I’m too busy thinking of “what else we can do!”

i LOVE that feeling too!

You are going to have a great time!!!

and yes- terribly Jealous! I LOVED it last Feb. It was awesome!
have a great time!


I can feel your excitement! Its so great! I’m really looking forward to hearing about your trip and your grand gathering experiences.


Jealous jealous jealous!!!

Heck, I check the weather in Orlando twice a day even when I don’t have a trip coming up!! :laugh: :laugh:


You should start a list with these things. I edited it to personalize it for me.


Jen, it’s SO close!!! I’m so psyched for you!!! I have 308 days to go…:pinch: .


I can’t concentrate it’s so close ~ that’s bad, since I usually don’t get spastic 'till a few days before!!!

Don’t worry girl, before you know it, you’ll be double digit dancing!