Silly Fun . . . would you say YES?


John proposes to Erika at Disney World (?? It says DL at the start?)

Not sure this is real or not . . . but it’s funny to watch! :happy:

John proposes to Erika at Disney World |


I’ve read that that’s real and a lot of the people around are CMs. Someone would have to had some help at least filming it so it may be real.


Haha that was AWESOME! (If that was real, it makes me curious how much help they had to get from Disney in order to keep guests out of the way for the whole thing!) The choreography made me dubious, but…her reaction seemed pretty genuine!

I live for cheesiness…so I definitely would have said yes to a proposal like that. :laugh:

The weirdest part is, I SWEAR I know that guy. Like immediately when I saw him. (Maybe he’s a CM at DL?! and I knew him?) I would bet my life savings I could have told you his name even if the video didn’t say…hmmm.


That was great. I hope it was real! If it was, he had to have been a CM to set that up. I agree with dznygrl, her reaction looked very genuine. Whether it was real or not, it was fun to watch. I’m such a romantic.:blush:


Smee, I am a total romantic too!

I am still convinced, 100%, that I know that guy. Now I’m going back through all of my pictures trying to figure it out…:laugh:

For some reason I think he reminds me of a guy who worked at the monorail? Yeah I swear that’s gotta be it. Lol this is seriously going to bug me until I figure it out.


I wonder what the wedding will be like! WOW!


I was thinking it had to be a CM too. Just to set up the WHOLE thing like that. And there was a camera on the roof filming, unless that was a security camera?


I wonder if he is a CM and the other CM’s are his friends and they helped him and practiced the choreography and then they got permission to do it. I hope it was real, that was wonderful! Who wouldn’t say yes to a proposal like that.


They had to be CM’s The sound was too good and the camera’s well placed. Awesome job on their part.


Yeah, it’s obviously Disneyland but I mean sheesh they MUST have had A LOT of assistance from Disney; there was a bird’s eye camera view, obvious choreography, a SOUNTRACK comes in, and having to have the right people involved in the right spot at the right time & helping to prevent guests from interuppting, etc. I am SURE he is a CM and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was an entertainment CM & look at some of the moves by the ‘helpers;’ one girl did a stinkin’ one-handed cartwheel. COME ON!

Just seems kind of strange to me, maybe it was easier because he’s a CM but after dealing with Disney to try & pull off some big surprises for Daniel’s birthday this December it’s A LOT of red tape, MONEY, rules, planning, etc. I can’t even imagine what could have been involved in planning this.


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;975324]John proposes to Erika at Disney World (?? It says DL at the start?)

Not sure this is real or not . . . but it’s funny to watch! :happy:

John proposes to Erika at Disney World |[/QUOTE]
OMG, that is exactly what Mike did with me but in our town square which was bussy in the middle of summer with tourists like you would not believe. I have pictures, I’ll post them. Too funny.


Oh my gosh - that’s one of the most amazing proposals I’ve seen! I would’ve been crying… from embarassment and happiness. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I know there’s a company that will help you pull off an amazing production proposal at Walt Disney World. I’ve also read that CMs will help you plan an amazing proposal for free - you just have to go to guest relations. I read one story of how a guy proposed to his gf at Disneyland with Captain Jack Sparrow’s help.

My future fiance better do something like that for me!!! :laugh:

I love that lady’s light-up power wheelchair, btw! :laugh:


Here’s a list of Disney’s “proposal packages:” - Romantic Walt Disney World - Dining, Fireworks Cruises & More

And here’s what I was thinking of for the proposals:

Gifts of a Lifetime Engagements Page

It’s called Gifts of a Lifetime, and it’s not cheap, but they put together amazing surprises.


Ah, I just found the Captain Jack Sparrow proposal:

From Kevin Davis
Posted August 30, 2006 at 2:45 PM

Well good for you! As a matter of fact I just pop the question to my girlfriend of four years at Disneyland on the day you posted this!
If you go to City Hall ( guest relations) and talk to a Cast Member you will be surprise how much they will work with you at no cost to yourself. To get an idea I will relate my story to everyone here.

I was finally able to get my girlfriend to go look around on her own and rushed off to City Hall. I talked to a Cast Member there ( his name was Kevin) and remove the ring box from my pocket. He was so excited and asked me what I wanted to do. " Do you want to do it where everyone can see you or would you like something more private?" I of course asked how much, " Nothing, it’s your moment! We make dreams come true" I of course got to thinking I needed something big and Samantha and me love pirates, and of course POTC and the good Captian! He got on the phone and talked to the Character Director ( his name was Ron) and asked what could we do. Passing the phone to me I talked to Ron, who was excited to hear what I wanted to do and asked me if I wanted to do something with Captian Jack! I of course said I would love to and I would like it kinda of public but no to much. So he came over to City Hall and took the ring from me ( Looking back on it, most would not trust someone they never met with a very expensive ring, but he was great) and we came up with a story to tell Samantha. The Story goes that I lost my wallet on Splash Mountian and I asked Disney Security to locate it for me, and I said I would spare no expense that they needed to get the best person to find it.

We agreed on the place, we decided on the Stairwell next to Club 33 ( just past it, next to the art stations, behind the two shops) where I would lead Samantha under the assumtion that I was meeting with Disney Security in thier office!

I led her there and turned her back to the stair well. There where about 8 people standing around looking at stuff in the shops and a couple sitting on the bench. I told her that I had lost my wallet and they just called me to meet them there with thier person who had tracked it down.

As she looked at me wreid, Captian Jack decended the stairs and called my name, I turned Samantha as he came down and she FREAKED! gitty with the moment she was shocked and I shook the Captians hand and he asked me for payment. I agreed to supply him with a new boat…ship… in exchanged for my lost item.

He handed my the box and I pop the question ( she said yes folks) and we exchange more words. They took pictures for us and I thanked the good Captian and of course Ron who was there. The people around us were in shock and thankfully the staff made sure that they could look but not interfer. It was a great moment which I will not every forget.

In my thanks I offered money, they didn’t want it and I asked what I could do, he mention the Guest Apprication Form would be great and I made sure to make out one for everyone I talked to.

Disney did this at no expense to me and the actor took his time to do it. This is something that I find really amazing and will forever brag about. I had talked to another person in City Hall about it later and they said that many people do it without them but they will attempt to do as much as they can with Characters and Locations if you ask and give them some time.

So, there you have it. Think of something youself or talk to them, they will make you dream come true.

Disney Wedding Proposal Ideas?

If that’s true, then I don’t think he necessarily had to be a CM (I think it’s a good chance he was, though, considering they met at Disneyland).


LMM - that was so cool. I wish I had thought of that.

(Sometimes I wish I could just think - period.)


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;975382]

(Sometimes I wish I could just think - period.)[/QUOTE]

You and me both!

Wait…did that come out sounding rude? I meant me…I wish I could think. Ah, forget it. I’m sure you’ve said something ornery enough to me at some point, I shouldn’t feel bad. :laugh: :wink:

P.S. Victoria thanks for posting that! That Jack Sparrow proposal is awesome! (Wow. I need a new word.)


Thats sooo cute :heart: I hope that was real!!! Hmmm… I wonder if he has a brother :heart:


ROMATIC! I loved it, lucky girl!


I love it! So much fun. I’m throwing my vote into the “He’s a CM” camp.

Now would I have said yes? I don’t do embarassment very well, so who can say?


So cute!:happy: Thanks for posting. DD10 and I both loved it.