Silly Online Check-In Question


I can check in online tomorrow(SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE). We do still owe a bit of money on our room. If I check in online tomorrow, do I have to finish paying off the room? Or can I wait until we check in in person?


oh, I guess this is a good question. Common sense tells me that you need to pay off the room if you check in online.


the check in is to make things quicker. If you still owe, there’s no need for that, because it will take time to get it all done at the desk.

I would think that you are going to engage a CM to get your packet ready and then you engage another CM to deal with you at the window.

But what the heck, try it and see what happens :biggrin:


I checked in online a few days ago, and no, you don’t have to settle your balance.


I, for one, thought that was a really good question!


See, I don’t know anything, again


When we did online check-in in the past they merely put a $1.00 hold on our card which dropped in a few days.


Awesome thank you!!