Silly question


Do the dining establishments have sweet-n-low sugar substitute? I am looking to know if they have the brand “Sweet-n-Low” not an imitation of Sweet n low.

I know that sounds crazy but many restaurants are going to another brand pink package and I can taste the difference in the flavor. I’m starting on our shopping lists and need to know if I should bring some pink packages with me to make my tea sweet.

Thanks to the season travellers for always being here to answer the questions for us that haven’t been in decades! - And yes, I am getting really excited!


The pink packages? Yes, I’m pretty sure I stole some of those last trip, lol. I’m trying to remember, but it seems to me some places have both sweet 'n low and the ones in the blue packet (I can’t remember that brand). Have you tried Splenda? I really like that.


They have the pink packages, but I don’t know if they’re specifically Sweet-n-Low. If you really like that specific brand, I would bring some just to be on the safe side


Good advice.


I had a hard time finding sweet n low last trip. They had equal and splenda. I’m bringing my own this time.


Thanks - i knew if anyone would know someone here would. Since I’m going for all adventures this trip, I’ll try splenda but will also pack some pretty pink packages in my ziplock bags (another DC tip!). Thanks