Since I'm still thinking of TDLR, here's BravaSEAmo!


I would love to see this make it over to the US parks. The only place I could see it work at is EPCOT, so get it started Disney!
Part 1:
YouTube - Tokyo’s DisneySea: BraviSEAmo Part 1
Part 2:
YouTube - Tokyo’s DisneySea: BraviSEAmo Part 2


I have to say I think the excitement over this got lost in transalation. Maybe if I understood the story I would have enjoyed it more. But this is only my opinion.


Understandable. That’s one reason I left the English narrator at the beginning to give a better idea of what is going on. On the other side, the only Japanese that is spoken is by Mickey as he rides around. Not everyone is a big fan, but to see it in person as compared to the video is not even close!


I had a feeling something was lost in videoing it - knowing Disney it probably is a great show