Single Digit Dance & Online Check-in & Question


NINE MORE DAYS!!! Woot-Woot. I can’t believe that we are in the single digits. Feels like we have waited a life time. lol I did the online check in and it was very easy and it did give me an option to have special room request, which for us is ground floor and close to transpo.

Also, we are driving and spending a night in Orlando (using DH’s Marriott points lol) a day early. So we plan on checking in super early at ASM so that we can hit MK at rope drop. I know that we can go ahead and have them hold our luggage if our room is not ready, but my question is do they take our luggage to our room when it is ready or will we have to call them once we get in our room?? We plan on coming back to rest up about half day, but would really like to have all the baby items already in our room.


You have to call when you get in the room. You may get lucky depending on when you check in. If there are empty rooms, you can get in immediately. Otherwise, it can be MUCH later in the day.

Your request could actually work against you as far as whats open when you arrive.


I’ve used on line check in twice and we put in our estimated arrival time and they have had a room ready both times when we arrive. However, both times were right around noon so it wasn’t super early. So you may get lucky just cross those fingers!


I have always had to call and asked to have it brought up. Keep in mind this could take some time at any resort.


So jealous :tongue: Have a GREATtime…July is taking waaaaaay too long to get here :sad: