Single Digit Dance!


Hoooooooray! :biggrin:

It is single digit dance time! Whoooot! Huzzah! Yeeeeehaaa!

It is time to groove!

{doing the single digit dance!}

I cannot wait to go! UGH! :tongue:

{Groove! Groove! Groove!}

:tongue: :wink:


Wow, it’s really close now! Are you all packed?


Aargh. You threw off my groove! :tongue: :wink:

HA! Ask that again next Saturday night! :tongue:

I expect to personally be packed by late next week, but we will need to work up to the last minute on the kiddos. They will likely have some of the clothes for the trip just put into the laundry the night before we leave! :angry: Oh, well! They will pitch in and help if they know what’s good for them! :wink:

I expect that I will start lining the luggage up this weekend though…



This isn’t normal??? :noo: I don’t think I have ever been on a trip that I didn’t take the last article to pack out of the dryer right before midnight the morning before we leave. :blush: The trip just doesn’t seem to go as well if I have everything done early…or maybe it is that I just can’t stop packing! :laugh: :laugh:


Good, I am glad I am not alone! :tongue:

Our last Disney trip we left behind my son’s extra underwear in a neat pile on his bed, where the suitcase had been loaded up. Needless to say, Target got a few extra bucks from us on that trip when we got to Anaheim… :pinch:


Yes that target has gotten several of our dollars! :tongue: Well at least you forgot your son’s underwear and not your son! :tongue:


yes!!! that target is a great place!!! I don’t even know how many pairs of shoes my dad and brother have gotten there


Yippeeeeiiiiyeah…How exciting. I am all antsy for ya. Have a really groovey trip.


I’ll be down there also in 4 days. I’m all packed and ready to go. But we are always packed to go. When we get back we wash our WDW clothes and put them back into the suitcase in those vacuum sealed bags and wait until the next time we head out. We also replish our travel kits and they are ready also.


Me too! Me too! :tongue: Can’t wait… see ya all there! Just finishing up our packing today! :biggrin:


So, Goof father, did you start packing?


Shake it baby!!! Congrats on your single-digit dance!!!


I got the suitcases down from the shelves and they are sitting here near me just waiting for something to go in them… So in short, no! But I am ready to! :tongue: :wink:

Thanks! I am shaking it! YEEEEEeeeeEEEEeeeehaaaAAAA! :biggrin:


I don’t know how you did that, but that was posted by Dana! :tongue: See post #12, then your post.


DOH! I quoted yours and then copied and pasted it again, but failed to type Dana over Pumouse… I just made you into a plagiarizer! :pinch: Actually, I just made myself look like a Goof! Which is nothing new! :tongue:

I will go back and edit my brazen error! :blush:


All is fixed, but maybe a little confusing! :whistling


Oh good! I have been worried about it all day! Teehee!


Darn… I was only aiming at making my pointy haired boss worry this week, and maybe my mother too…

Oh, wait… “Teehee” is one of the universal signs for sarcasm, so I guess I am still on target for worrying the ones who deserve it! :tongue:


5 days until Disneyland…

I like how that sounds! :wink: :tongue:


I bet you’ll like 4 days even more :tongue: