Single Digit Dancing Aha!


The crew here is getting pretty excited! :blink: :laugh:


congrats - i am getting super excited myself and we are just in the 20’s!!


Yeah!!! Lucky you to get the free dining!


wow- you started dancing a few days ago and did not tell us??? LOL- Im dancing right there with you!


I blinked my eyes and it slipped right by!:ohmy: But here’s to dancing with the goddess!:laugh:


Where are you SB DD1???


I so want to be dancing :crying: Not for a while though!!!

Have a great time and enjoy the free dining! YUM!!!


4 days for us and it cannot come any sooner! It has been a rough start to the week already.

But at least there is the trip to WDW to look forward to


WOW… five days to go… I am jealous.


WOOHOO!! Gingles are ya ready?!! You know I am!!