Single Digit Dancing! (so happy after an ER visit)


9 DAYS TO GO and I can not tell you how happy I am to be single digit dancing. After a visit to the ER with our 3 year old DS Monday night we all need a vacation! Aidan was running in the house and tripped and hit the gate to the dog kennel with his mouth. We were at the ER at 9:30PM and by midnight we saw a doctor, by 1 AM he was sedated and getting 15 stitches and by 2:30AM were on our way home. Yes that is 5 hours in the ER with a bleeding, crying, 3 year old. It was a very deep, wide gash thus the sedation and number of stitches. So after that ordeal we DEFINETLY all need a vacation. Luckily the stitches will desolve in 5-7 days so they will be gone before we leave in 9 days!


I am dancing with you since we will be there the same time!!! :goofybounce:
I am very sorry to hear about your son, but glad to hear he is okay. :smile:

have a great time! and hopefully we will be able to meet up and say hello!


:ohmy: holy cow. Now go and enjoy your trip :smile:


oh my, poor little dear, that must have hurt so bad-so yes, your holiday is well deserved now for all of you- enjoy!


WOW! I can’t believe they ER let a child suffer that long…I would have been so mad!!

I’m glad that your DS is doing fine now - big HUGS!!

Enjoy your trip, and take lots of pictures to share with us!!!


Very sorry to hear about your little one. ER visits are always way too long, I work at a hospital and some people wait 6-10 hours… it’s crazy. Happy to hear he will be ok…


Ouch!! Just reading that makes me cringe. Poor baby. Hope it’s all healed by the time you leave! HAVE FUN!


Thank you all so much for the well wishes for DS! His lip is swollen today but other than that he is fine. We are VERY THANKFUL it wasn’t worse. I’m also glad it was before vacation and not on vacation.


Oh no! I hope he’s OK!!! Enjoy your trip!!! :happy:


Ok that’s it. New rule. NO RUNNING until AFTER the trip! :laugh:


:laugh: Yeah, would be nice if that would work.


Poor DS!! I’m glad to hear he’s doing ok. You all DEFINITELY deserve this trip after that ordeal! Hope you have a great time, and that DS heals up completely before the trip so he can fully enjoy himself! :happy:


Believe it or not, the poor kid now has a stomach virus!!! Woke up this morning :blow:. DD had it last week. I just hope this all gets out of my house before NEXT FRIDAY! GEEZ!


I can’t believe that! Just be thankful everything is happening BEFORE the trip. You should get your ds a “Celebrating” Pin for “Getting his first stitches!”


I hope it’s only that 24 hour bug that is going around.


Oh my I hope your little one is doing better and can enjoy the trip. I’ll be there in just 7 days myself (goofy grin). I hope you have a great time!