Single Digit Dancing!


Yeah!!! I am single digit dancing, I am so excited about our trip. Our bags are pretty much packed except for a few last minue things. Autograph books are almost ready!! Our plans are all finalized, seaworld tickets are bought. There is nothing left to do now but wait :laugh:


Oh WOW… so exciting!!! Waiting is the hardest part, but it will be here before you know it! Have fun!


I’m so excited for you ~ and for me too!!! We’re both going to have a blast!


Oh I am almost single digit dancing. Can’t wait for our trip.


hurray!!! have fun you guys!!


I knew that one of you would pop in to announce this! Ha ha ha- have fun doing your dance- how is the morning sickness going?


Thanks everyone, we will have a great time! I cannot wait.


Thanks ~ Morning sickness has lightened up, Thank goodness, I was sick though, but I am feeling much better now. Now I can concentrate on having a great vacation.:laugh:


YAHOO it’s official . . . we are single digit dancing!! :happy: :happy: OH the next 9 days are going to be sooooooo loooooooooong!!! :huh:


Yes they will, lol, they have been sooooo long for me. :ohmy:


I hear ya, Jen…now that I’m done with work, what will fill the next two days for me???