Single digit dancing!


gingles, DW, Southern Belle, and LSUTigerLily are dancin’!!!


Can’t wait!!!


:goofybounce::cheshire::goofybounce:WE’RE SINGLE DIGIT DANCING!!!:goofybounce::cheshire::goofybounce:

I AM SO EXCITED!!!:mickey:


[QUOTE=Southern Belle;987587]:goofybounce::cheshire::goofybounce:WE’RE SINGLE DIGIT DANCING!!!:goofybounce::cheshire::goofybounce:

I AM SO EXCITED!!!:mickey:[/QUOTE]

DID I MENTION HOW EXCITED I AM?!!!:laugh::tongue:


AWESOME, Enjoy!!! :biggrin:


Down to one week–what are we forgetting?


That you want to take DD & myself along with you :laugh::laugh:


Let’s do the Single Digit Dance Together…we leave in 8 days for our unplanned Labor Day Weekend Vacash! Maybe we’ll run into each other…I’ll be the one with the dopey grin on my face!


Oh my, then however will she be able to tell the difference between you and all the other MBer’s running around:laugh:




One weeeekkk! I’m excited because DF bought us the Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World, and DS and I plan to read it on the way to get even more excited!


Should we start packing?..YES!


I’m single digit dancing, too!!! :laugh: I have so much to do!!! :eek: Have a safe trip! You driving?


Wow, a lot of single-digit dancers! A one, a two, a…let’s dance!!!


Let me see…could you meet us say in, Mobile? Or maybe Pensacola, Kippage could buy us a Starbucks to go.:laugh:


Thaaaaat narrows it down…:laugh::blink::laugh:


Okay, how’s this for more specific: I’ll be the one with the dopey grin on my face eating at Chefs De France at 6:10 on Sunday with my tall, gorgeous DB. Does that narrow it down? :wub::heart::wub:


This is agonzing…A day and a half – COME ON ALREADY!! :laugh:


Have a great time, it’ll be here before you know it.


We’re dancin…yeah!!!