Single Digit Disney Cruise Cha-Cha


Come on everybody, we’ve been harassing you MBers for a really really long time now about this cruise.

Codger up as much as excitement as you can for us cause it’s now only 9 days

9 DAYS!!!

This will be us in 9 days!


Why do I look deformed in that picture?


Oh and I’m doing the single dance “Cabbage Patch”! :happy:


Congrats!! Only 9 more days to go! I know the excitement must be killing you! All packed?


You two are adorable, I love your cruise “picture”! It seems like you two have been talking about your cruise forever and it’s finally here!

I’m sure you’ll both have an amazing time, I can’t wait to hear the TR from two different points of view!


We both look deformed.


You two are going on a Cruise???

Why did no one tell me.

You really could’ve posted about it or something.

:laugh: :tongue:

Make sure you pose exactly that way when they take your pic on formal night! :tongue:

Have a magical trip!


I can hardly believe your cruise is nearly here! It seemed so far away for along time and now, here you are! Are you ladies packed? Best friends are just awesome, aren’t they? I’d love to take a cruise with my best friend, we’d have a great time!


It’s been exactly 18 months out. We started out at something like 550 days.

I think that’s one of the best parts is the trip reports.

Stayed tuned because I’m sure it will be entertaining. :laugh:


Not packed yet but I do have everything seperated and ready to be packed! :blush:


Hey, what am I, chopped liver? :laugh:

I am going on this cruise also and have been posting here. :angry:

Just kidding :smile:

Only 4 1/2 work days, yeh.


I was trying to round up other MBers to be excited with all three of us. :happy:


My DW is on the 10 night right now, having a blast without me. Make sure you wave as you pass!

Have a great time!


I am excited for the 3 of you!!! Have a great time!


Bon Voyage! Have a great time. I’m so excited for all three of you. I’ve always wanted to go on a Disney Cruise but I just keep chickening out. I’m afraid I’ll get sea sick.


Hey, have a rum drink (any one…your choice!!) for me! ENJOY!!:happy:


Cha cha cha!! Now, where did you say you were going? :laugh: :laugh:


yet more that Im not sure if im jealous or happy for you! HE he he- have a blast and bring my boat back safe and sound!


I don’t know if that’s possible. I read your TR and I don’t know if you left any us. :laugh: :pirate:


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