Single-digit DISNEYLAND dancing!


WOOHOO, it’s FINALLY HERE… a single-digit Disneyland dance!!!

I am starting to get REALLY excited!!!

Birthday dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen, riding NEMO SUBS which I absolutely LOVED last summer, swimming in the best Disney pool ever at the Disneyland Hotel, our anniversary dinner at Napa Rose, convincing Daniel to do the “rocking” carts on the Sunwheel! :biggrin: OooOo, and who can forget MICKEY-HEAD sourdough loaf bread!!! :mickey:


Lucky! I’ve never been to DisneyLand. Is it as great as Disney World?


Take a TON OF PICTURES . . . grab me some park maps and resort brochures please . . . I wanna go!!! :wub:


YAY!!! I’ll dance with you! :goofybounce: :cheshire: Have a WONDERFUL 30th Birthday!!! :wub:


Oh girl, you shouldn’t have requested that… now you’ll be receiving one of EVERYTHING I can get my hands on! :laugh:


THANK YOU!!! :laugh: I’ve never met anyone WILLING to celebrate their 30th birthday prematurely but HECK, if it’s in Disneyland I’ll celebrate my 50th birthday tomorrow! :laugh: My actual birthday is July 21st but I’ll be in summer school. :sad:


Well, I try not to compare the two but even though my “home” is Walt Disney World my true love is Disneyland!:heart: They are both amazingly wonderful in different ways but Disneyland is where it all started & it’s SO AWESOME!


YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE and it won’t cost you anything but postage . . . that would be the perfect token of thanks to trade for the shirt . . . DEAL??? :laugh:


No problem at all… thank you!


:happy: (now I’m so Disneyland Dreamin’)


So exciting, have a super fantabulous time… but please… I can’t even think about the Rocking carts on the Sunwheel… It has been a long time since I was so scared, I literally almost flipped, like went crazy kind of flipped out.


I so want to go to Disneyland someday


That’s how Daniel is! :blink: Although, somehow every time we go I convince him to do it! :tongue:


ehhh, just go!!! :happy:


I wish but I get to live through your wonderful trip reports … Really have a tiggeriffic time


wow wishy, I never knew you were so “acrobatic.” Look at you go!:laugh:

Seriously though, have a wonderful time!:happy:


You are soooo close!! Have a great time!! I’m with you, there is just something special about Disneyland!!! I’m wishing you an One bedroom suite!!!


Yay Wishy! That seems to have snuck up. Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Yay, thank you everyone!! I’ve been thinking about it constantly!


Rocking cars on the Sun Wheel:blow:

Happy dancing!