Single Digit Pmp!


okay gang - I am now SINGLE DIGIT DANCING!
But I’m even more excited than dancing, I’m PEEING MY PANTS!!!

SINGLE DIGIT PMP!!! :tongue: hee hee hee

9 days y’all, I’ll be in the South, in Florida, in the U S of A, in the country of my homeland and family, embracing my herritage, working for Disney, living my dream!!! pant pant

I’m almost done packing too!!!

Ok, bring on the depends now please!


You are really excited Tess! Good for you, go get them!!! :happy: :happy:


I’m glad you’re so excited Tessa, and really, we’re all very excited for you… but eeuuwwww. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:




ROTFL!!! Yeah, Tessa!!!


Oh my goodness! The time has gone by so FAST!


OMG! I bet you are SO excited!!!

I’m excited for you!!!


I can’t wait to hear more trip reports from a new CM!


YEA!! you are going to have the best time, I can’t wait to hear every detail.


just think we have no snow here, the current temp is 68 degree’s were going to be up to the low 80’s today.

Have a great trip.


I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Food and Beverage Cart,Tessa!!!


discretly passes tessa a Poise hang in there kid. You keep PMP and you are going to have to repack your clothes. BTW: I am so proud that you are packed this far out…you go girl. NO worries. You are going to have the time of your life. :heart:


Ya-hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Tessa!!! I can’t wait to see you in Canada in May!!! If some crazy girl runs up to you on May 21st and gives you a giant hug, it’s me!! You’re going to have so much fun!!!


handing Tessa a giftwrapped package of Depends

I would have PMP myself…I am so excited for you…


I am doing back flips for you *thunk!…should probably go back to spinning for these dances…You are going to have such a great time!!


I KNOW Erin! Honestly, time FLEW by. Now I have just become like a koala or a kangaroo…something that clings to it’s mother :crying:


Thanks Dana :angel: SO many people have made fun of me. errrrrg.
But espcially packing for a year! I wanted to start in January hehehe But I made myself wait untill a month and a half :tongue: before I started packing my linens and laundry hampers and what not.
All I have left to pack now is the thigns that won’t fit…

Does anyone know the rules about carryons, I want to pack my iHome (iPod alarm clock/speakers) in my carryon, I’m sure they’re find but I wanted to make sure. ALso they won’t fit in my bags hehe, I’d better weigh them to make sure they’re not overweight!


Please do! Coming home after a year in London, I was going to be charged over $200 for overweight bags (luckily, it was my birthday and the ticket agent waved me through!!!).

Seriously, though, having had to pack in 2 suitcases enough clothes and amenities for over a year TWICE :eek: , I know now to always weigh my bags. Another great piece of advice (especially if you’re not sure how much walking you’ll have to be doing from the airport to your new accomodations), be sure you can walk around your block with all of your baggage. No kidding. I’m so glad I did this as I ended up walking blocks with mine a couple of times!!


Tessa! I can’t believe it’s here already!!

So tell… how did you figure out how to pack for so long in what, 2 suitcases? :huh: :eek:


Yay, Tessa! It is so soon! You are going to have THE BEST TIME EVER. I guarantee it!


Yeah for you!! I can’t wait to meet you when I come down in August!! I want to hear about everything!!! I love the World Showcase and you are going to love it there!!!