Single digit


Officially doing the Single Digit Dance:goofybounce::goofybounce:I haven’t even thought about packing…I better get moving!!! Sunshine here we come!


Lucky you. Have fun. I am right behind you, well kinda right behind you with under 50 days. Isin’t that single didgit an awesome feeling?


Is it just me or is the waiting time for Disney the SLLOOOOOWEEEEEESSSSTTTTTT on earth?


cant wait to hear about BLT…


Have a wonderful time!!


YIPEE!! It’s almost here!! Get packing!!

I’m so jealous…time is going toooooo slooooooowwwwly for me right now…


Have a great trip!


It was snowing this weekend in Ohio…didn’t stick, but it was awful cold watching my son play baseball in it! Palm trees and sunshine here we come


Have a great trip I have to wait until August


You haven’t packed??? Holy smokes…you make me nervous.


Our flight leaves in one week and I haven’t even brought the suitcases up from the basement:mellow:…I haven’t tried on any of my shorts (i’ve lost almost 40lbs since last summer):huh:…and this afternoon I’m going running and Karate this evening and haircuts for the boys…maybe tomorrow:blush:…oh wait I have a denstist appointment and baseball practice:eek::eek:…Friday for sure!:laugh:


I always pack the night before so you have plenty of time.:laugh:


In my defense I do have a list going…and today i bought a disposable water camera to use at stormalong bay…i figure it can’t take to long to throw some clothes in the suitcase…if i forget something I’m sure I can buy it at WDW for a resonable price:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Sounds just like me, if I forget something I can buy it there.