Single digits!


Finally the countdown to our Spring Break Disney World trip is down to one digit! Of course, there are still 80 days until our Star Wars Weekends trip, but I’m just thinking about the Spring Break trip right now :tongue:.

We’re staying at All Star Movies. My friend will also be going that week, but the chances of seeing her at all are about one in a million, especially considering they’re not staying in a Disney hotel (gasp! :eek:). Maybe I’ll see her, though.

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait… the trip’s still days away and I’ve already packed; all the bags are sitting at the front of my room. :tongue: I keep having to mentally slap myself in school to keep myself focused on the work instead of letting my mind wander to Disney.

Anyone else going next week?


Yay for you!!! Hope you are able to see your friend during your stay…NOT staying at a Disney Resort!!! ACK!

Anyway…have a great time!


This is every day at work for me…no single-digit countdown required… :sad: :tongue:


You are so lucky to be so close to your trip. Have fun!!


woohoo!!! Single digits!!! :happy: Have a great trip!! How long are you staying?

haha yeah… watch out for that… I bombed my test last week right before my trip! :dry: lol… Stay focused, Darth! :slight_smile:


Have a great time!


We’re staying for a week- the 19th through the 26. Yay, two days left!


Have a great time,Darth!!!


Have a great trip!!!


I was so excited - I hit double digits today - then I read this and got jealous. Have fun!


Single digits baby!!! Now I can start thinking about what to pack.