Single Parent on Disney Cruise?


Any thoughts on a single parent doing the cruise and what length? Or would it feel awkward because of all the two parent families? Just me and DD5.



Well, I’m not a parent, so I’m not sure. But I do know there are all types of families on cruises. In fact, cruises are so much fun because they’re a great way to meet people from different cultures and lifestyles (I just got back from a Western Caribbean cruise with RCI). I don’t think anyone would make you feel awkward. Sure, there will be a lot of two-parent families, but there will also be a lot of single-parent families and grandparents with their grandchildren and moms with their daughters… all sorts of scenerios. You definitely won’t stand out.

As for length, if this is your first cruise, I recommend trying a 3 or 4-day first to get a feel of it and make sure you enjoy cruising. Then when you fall in love with it, go back for a 7-day.

I hope you have a fantastic time, whatever you choose to do!


definitely!!! now I don’t have kids but I did go with my brother and his family on a disney cruise. now it was amazing for the kids but the person that helped us was kinda blah to the parents and older individuals but some waiters and waitresses involve you in the fun which I did like. it just depends on where you go and who you get but trust me from what I saw there was enough single, couple families that it didn’t matter.

I did though get to talk to a couple of people and they were telling me that even though they were alone they love the way their kids laugh and play and thats what makes them happy so if your that way to, then trust me you will have fun.

I would say do a 3 - 4 day cruise first like littlemissmagic said.


[QUOTE=staceyheis;919505]Any thoughts on a single parent doing the cruise and what length? Or would it feel awkward because of all the two parent families? Just me and DD5.


Of course not! Trust me - you will definitely NOT be the only single parent on the cruise. I had the same feelings the second time we cruised Disney, because just dh and I went. I worried that we’d feel out of place because we didn’t have any kids. WRONG - we had a fantastic time and met lots of kidless couples. Remember - a lot of single dads take their kids on cruises because of the great child care, etc. So - who knows?:wink:

As for the length - if this is your first cruise, I’d opt for the 4 day - just to get your “sea legs” so to speak. 3 isn’t long enough and a week may be too long if you find you’re not a “cruise” person.


Go for it. I’d bet you can even request seating with other single parents. Who knows?

I’d go as a single but don’t think DW would think much about that. Or maybe she’d even pack my bag for me. :laugh:


Thanks for the support. We’ll try it for some time this summer!



I would go alone with DD(11) in a heartbeat! The cruise is SO fun! Much of our time we spent one on one with DD anyway- sometimes I would go with her to events or her dad would. Did not matter at bit.
I just got back from a girls only trip with DD to WDW and I never felt weird because I didn’t have a partner.
As long as you are comfortable traveling with a child alone… no problems. Plus, you couldn’t pick a better cruiseline to go solo with a child on! Disney goes out of their way to make it an awesome trip.
Good Luck!