Single-rider lines?


This trip I’m going without my sister, just my aunt and I, and my sister won’t even go without someone else in Target, so we haven’t been able to use single-rider lines.

I was wondering what rides offer this option and if there is any significant difference between this and fastpass/standby?


We use single lines all the time… it makes a HUGE difference on TT and the coasters. I have always wondered why they didn’t add a singles line for Soarin… it would make perfect sense!


They don’t do Single rider for RNR anymore. We found this out last THursday Night as it was the only ride my wife must do. My Dad and Mom were sick and I don’t do really really fast and upside down. So she got in line and discovered there was no single rider offered there anymore. It made no sense though as there were at least 3 unfilled seats per returning coaster. The elimination of this here perplexed me. . . . I wonder if they eliminated it on other rides.


Does Space Mountain have one?


There is a single rider line on Soarin’,but in all the times I have ridden it,it has never been open.


I’ve never seen the single rider line for Sorin’ open either. It was still listed on our park map a few weeks ago but it wasn’t open.


Nobody’s ever seen the Soarin’ single rider line open. I know Test Track has a single rider line as does Mission Space. While RnRCoaster killed the single rider line, it is up to the CMs to call for single riders on the platform in order to fill all seats. Disney’s coaster queues are different than industry norm as it is. You have two or three shuffle points before you even get to the final queue area. When you get there, the CM directs you to your waiting row, unlike every other park where you choose the row of the train you ride on. I’ve searched my memory, but can’t really think of other rides in WDW that have single rider lines.


I’ve never seen one at Space Mountain

Test track and Mission Space seem to have the best dedicated single rider lines.


My brother and I have only used the single rider line on Test Track and it does move much faster.


I don’t think it matters what line your in for M:S, there were very few people riding it in the 3 times I’ve been at WDW in the last 13 months. Joe


We’ve noticed that too. But I think that will change now that the milder version is up. Having that choice means that more people will be able (and less leery) of riding it. So that single rider line should come in handy again


Do you mean that publicized deaths may have been a deterrent to riding?? :eek:


I agree, and I’am glad they have a milder version so everyone can experience the attraction.


Don’t forget about EE. We’ve used the single rider line on it many times.


In May I waited in line for Soarin’ - just all bunched up with people for a while - not really in a line, we were moving in a herd :tongue: …after about 25 minutes a CM came around and asked if anyone was a single rider. I was able to get on pretty quick I thought - but there wasn’t a designated single rider line.

My DH and I used the single rider line for EE about 6 times in May - it was great!!