Sit Down Dining with 5 yr old


We are looking for sit-down restaurants that our 5 yrd old DD would enjoy - other than character meals. We plan to do a few character meals, but are looking for a few other options too. She is very well behaved so that should not be an issue. Suggestions appreciated.


Definitely try the Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge. In addition to the good food, the cast members are funny, and kids really get special treatment.

At the Disney Studios, you might want to try the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, and The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre. Both restaurants that can be enjoyed by both the kids and adults.

Although it’s not one of my favorites, your five year old might really enjoy the Rainforest Cafe’


Disney is great with kids in nice restaurants. Even at the nicest places, they have great kids meals and the servers are fantastic. Here are some that are fantastic:

Restaurant Marrakesh - Epcot
Whispering Canyon - Wilderness Lodge
'Ohana - Polynesian
Garden Grill - Epcot
50’s Prime Time Cafe - Disney-MGM
Sci-Fi Drive Inn - Disney-MGM

Some others I like are Le Cellier, Spoodles and Boma.


I have to totally agree with Ohana. Not only is the meal AMAZING, they have activities for the kids! And if you’re lucky, you can get a seat by the window with a castle view and time it just right where you can catch Wishes fireworks over the castle. We were able to do this in October (my son just turned 4)…it was one of my FAVORITE meals at WDW!!!


Ohana, fun and yummy!


I like Whispering Canyon, O’hanna, Momma’s and LeCellier for noncharacter sit down meals. O’hanna and Whispering canyon are very family friendly and do fun stuff for the kids. O’hanna has a coconut race and hula-hoop contest and Whispering Canyon does stick pony races. They are both good fun for the whole family and great meals too.


My ds’s fav place was the Sci Fi. Very fun atmosphere.


My DD is 4 and we are taking her to Ohana, Sci-fi. Prime Time, Garden Grill, LeCellier, San Angel Inn,and Rainforest to name a few. Like Mickey said, you are at Disney so they are all very kid friendly. My DD has always done well at these places even though there are no characters.


I hear Hoop-De-Doo is a great meal for families.


Its Good To Know Wcc And Ohanas Are Good For Children As My Dds Are 4 And 6 And We Have Booked To Go To Both Of These


My little one realy enjoyed Whispering Canyon and Sci-Fi.


My kids both love Ohana and Whispering Canyon as well!


What about Hollywood and Vine?. My DDs loved it and its a buffet so you should find something your DD would eat.


My DD enjoyed both the German restaurant in the World Showcase and Hoop-De-Doo musical review for the music. We even danced a bit to the polka band!!! :angel:


Hoop Dee Doo is a sure fire hit for everyone. I haven’t heard of anyone who didn’t like it.