Sit down or counter service?


I am 98% sure that I am going to do Epcot on my solo Disney day. I’m not sure what to do about lunch tho. I know im doing AoA food court for breakfast…but I don’t know if I should make a ressie for 1, get random snacks at the food and wine carts or do a counter service. Any suggestions? I have to leave Epcot no later than about 3pm since my flight leaves at 705pm.


I would go with the Sunshine Seasons. Good food, lots of choices and you won’t get held up at a table service, which could push you for time.


…we never do reservations for meals…well…sometimes we will call or use the app an hour or so in advance for dinner…we almost always walk in for all our meals…there are so many places in Epcot to choose from…it depends on what you want to eat. If you have something specific in mind, you could make a reservation…but we never do.

Last week for dinner…we walked into Tappen Edo (sp?) for dinner. (also Prime Time at DHS among other sit downs–no ressies)

For one person you won’t have any trouble finding a place to eat…:smile:


If it’s during Food and Wine I say hit the carts and nosh on that. If you’re going earlier in the week to Food and Wine you might have some favorite stands that you can go and revisit.


If you are a daring soul I would recommend finding a spot in the world showcase for dinner. We are very fond of the little take out stand by the Mexico pavilion, others are less impressed with it.

What we enjoy is to get there a little before the fire works and find a table that looks out at the lake and then sit back, eat, and watch the show.

DD2 loves the sushi in Japan, and we all love the crepes in France.

Then there is always Cosmic Rays for standard counter fare.



I totally agree with doing the Food and Wine carts…


F&W fest. Enough said.


Ditto, Ditto, Ditto. It’s a no brainer.

During F&W it is not uncommon for us to leave the park we are in for a mid afternoon dinner and hit the stands in WS. Then we either go back to that park or hit another. You cannot go wrong with the variety of choices you can sample. If Epcot is your park you save the transportation time from another park. Win Win.


…I just reread your post again…and if you have to head for the airport that afternoon, you may want a more substantial lunch/dinner…we never have enough time to get much of a meal at the airport…just thinking here…


That gets my vote!

But if you want sit-down time, I’d go with CS. I don’t mind waiting with people, but I don’t like waiting to be seated when I’m by myself.


Disney Fan, Epcot has the most delectable restaurants! Are you on the dining plan? My personal favorites are the Garden Grill, the Coral Reef and San Angel.


Actually, I just thought of an impeccable place: Tepan Edo in Japan!!!


I personally would eat my way around the World Showcase and not plan a meal.


Thanks guys. I think I’ll eat my way around the world. Try all the places my DH wouldn’t dare!


Oh gosh, I am jealous, F&W for SURE. There are some amazing things to eat around the park, especially if you are alone and have the time to just take it all in.


F&W all the way, grab some tasty treats as you go! Easily enough to make a substantial meal from!