Size Chart for Rides


I am wondering if there is an easy to use chart anywhere about what rides have a height requirement. I can read about each ride with the height requirements, but thinking there might be an easier way.

My DD is 46" without sneakers – last year she couldn’t get on a lot of the bigger rides, she was just under, so I think she is fine this year, but not sure. This trip its just her so we could avoid those rides that she can’t ride all together. She was deeply disappointed that she couldn’t ride some of the rides with her bigger brothers.


Try this link…

Disney World Information - Disney’s Height Requirements


This is awesome!!! Thank you!


Glad it will help. Have you thought of getting your daughter a pair of platform sneakers… we did that for MissSMIG one year.


She’s actually tall enough for most everything except the rock’n’roller coaster at MGM and the whirl ride at AK, so I think we are all set!


Shoes we usually buy are the vans. They add a couple of inches.


awesome!! the primevil whirl would be too rough (in my opinion) for a little one - wow, did it hurt!! :blink:

so glad she gets to ride most of the other stuff!!


we did the platform shoes and put the hair in a high bun. My dd didnt like the shoes but I told her this year to eat all her veggies and she would be tall enough so guess what she is doing? :laugh: I guess she doesnt understand that she grows every year! :laugh:


Well, at least it is just Primieval Hurl, I mean Whirl :laugh: ! I can’t ride it more than once and I can ride about anything.