Skip the Pre-Show?


The Maelstrom thread made me wonder…

On attractions with filmed pre-shows (Test Track, Dinosaur, Tower of Terror, RnRC, etc.), do you ever keep going through the pre-show room? I know a bunch of people will race to the exit and wait… :whistling (just following directions…)

I’ll admit, I’ve considered going on through on the pre-shows I’ve seen plenty of times, but the pre-show just adds so much to the ride for me, and it’s really not that much of a time saver, considering you’ll still be behind everyone already in line.


we have been ushered through on the first ride of the day at test track… I remember thinking it was odd that we walked right through.


I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to do that… I will admit it gets a little scary when you can repeat word for word all the pre-shows…:angel:


Agreed. My mom does that aloud in the RnRC preshow… :rolleyes: :ninja:


I actually like the pre-ride shows, especially the one before Soarin’.


Really??? That’s my least favorite! (Well… kind of. It’s my favorite to make fun of. :laugh: “These little buddies!!!” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Gets me every time!)


We’ve been on all of the rides so many times, we’d prefer to just bypass all the pre-shows…at least most of the time. When we have the opportunity to skip it, we do.


ummmm, I am confused. How can you skip a pre-show? Isn’t it happening as you queue up? someone needs to to some splanin’


Either follow through with the group ahead or just barge through the exit door. They open automatically when they want you to leave, but you can just push and they’ll open and go ahead and get in line for the actual attraction.


I never knew I had that option. I get bored with the pre show-depending on what attraction it is. I like the muppets one and looking for the key under the mat. I guess that is the pre-show…right???


Oh I love the Muppet pre-show. Its always a highlight for me.


I have seen the pre-shows so many times I am getting so bored of them already. they are basically so that the line of the ride can go down.


Anyone here who skips any part of any attraction has been to Disney too many times and needs to take a break already :closedeye


The last couple of trips to EPCoT we rode single riders at test track and they had us skip the preshow. Other then that, I just wait my turn like I’m supposed to!


That’s why we stopped going to Universal and I think we’re getting close to that point with WDW.


You learn something new every day. I did not know you could skip the pre-shows. The only time we have missed one was when we were given Dream Ears instead of seeing the Test Track video.


We started to skip the pre show at Catastrophe Canyon/Backlot tour…until last year when DD and DH were asked to take part in the pre show!


I like watching around the other people during the preshow to test track. I look for a reaction to see if anyone recognizes the lady, who was in the War Games movie with Matthew Broderick. I believe that’s probably an indication that I’ve heard the preshow enough times, that my eyes are wondering elsewhere!


Aw come on, that’s great!! I love that pre show!! My DS (almost 6) loves the Star Tours one as well, lol!!


If I hear that girl say “aspose to” one more time…:pinch:

(Soarin’s my favourite - I love that guy).