Skydance to replace IllumiNations?


So I was flipping through my Unofficial Guide (already planning for February 2010… such a Disney dork. :laugh:), and I noticed that in the “Disney Dish with Jim Hill,” he said that Don Dorsey and his team were working on a new version of IllumiNations, reportedly named Skydance. It’s said to be added to Epcot in fall of 2009.

Has anyone heard anything else about this?

I absolutely love IllumiNations, but I wouldn’t mind some updates, since it’s been about ten years (long time for Disney, eh?)… as long as they keep the current score. :laugh:


I was reading that the other night too. There was also a part in there talking about an AK ‘lantern lighting’ ceremony. I would love to see both of those by May (yes I am dreaming, :laugh:).

I haven’t heard anything about it other than in the guide though.


I know everything needs an update but I just love Illuminations so much, I would hate to see it changed.


Me too that is my favorite show in disney I hope they just update it not change it you know?


Sky Dance has been rumored since early 2007, at least as far as I know.
Reflections of Earth was only supposed to have run in 2000. Of course with the expense of building the inferno barge and video globe, it was an even money bet that ROE would run for several years. Talk of replacement started to ramp up in early 2007 when it was announced that the video globe would be out of service for a major refurb combined with talk of a new show for Epcot’s 25th birthday in October 2007.
Anyway, Sky Dance is being developed by Don Dorsey, the man behind ROE and Fantasmic and has been in development for several years now. Sky Dance, or rather, IllumiNations:Sky Dance will be a totally different show from ROE.


Well at least not before I get an HD camcorder.:pinch:


Well, Don Dorsey and crew can take their time. :laugh:


They have been taking their time. That’s why I’ve been anticipating this change for two years now. However, if you factor in the video globe refurb expenses, I think that points to ROE running through either October or the end of the year.


Well, then, mister… looks like you’ve had plenty of time to get your HD camcorder. :laugh:


It is getting a little old. I’m ready for a serious update.


where do you find this information about this!


Well, it was in Unofficial Guide, and I googled it and found it on wdwmagic forums and other unofficial Disney sources. And Soundgod just knows everything. :rolleyes: :laugh:


I can’t find it! Are you sure it is wdwmagic! Please tell me!


I can’t remember when it was but I remember reading someting on this forum. Maybe about 6 months ago?


thanks for the info!


If they change the music from the current IllumiNations, it better be pretty darn amazing. Cause its pretty darn amazing already. :heart: I think its the Disney song that makes me the happiest.


As much as I love Illuminations, it is time for a change. I’m not worried about them changing it: I know it will be something fabulous.


Ok I am man enough to admit it:

I tear up at the end of illuminations…it gets me every time. Skydance better make me tear up gosh darn it or I will be really made.



it is official let about this rumor and please tell me where to find that info! I can’t find it in wdwmagic forums!


Hmm, I am torn. :dry: I am really ready to see something new as far as Epcot nighttime entertainment, but no one can deny that the Illuminations music is INCREDIBLE. I have to admit, it almost gets me as much as Fantasmic. (But not quite.) :tongue: