"Sleeping Beauty" to be released in the Fall


“Sleeping Beauty” is being awaken from her royal slumber in the vault and will greet the world in the fall. it’ll be part of the platinum collection. but i have a head scratching thought: i thought it was already part of the platinum collection. i’ll have to dig out my copy to check but i couldn’ve sworn it was part of the platinum collection. i’ll still buy it when it comes out. i love to upgrade my disney movies when they are re-released.


Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan are my two all time ABSOLUTE favorite Disney movies ever (if I ever have a little girl Aurora is going to be her name :tongue:). I did not hear about this “platinum edition” coming out yet but I DO have the version they released on DVD a couple years ago with all the yummy extras.

Hmm, I’ll have to do some investigating, it does seem weird that they’ll come back and release a new platinum deluxe edition when it was only a short time ago there was one!


I just went and checked, Tragic the one we have is called the “Special Edition” and it was a 2-disc set. It doesn’t say anything about being part of the Platinum Edition. It has 3 different games, some shorts, galleries, artist pieces, etc.

So I can’t even imagine what the Platinum edition might come with!


We will still buy it too- although I think you may be right Tragic that this is already part of the Platinum collection- still, any excuse for a new Disney movie is Ok with us!


I will most certainly buy it. VHS versions are getting hard to watch. I put a bid on ebay for one not so long ago. DD just loves Aurora


Yay more Disney dvds!


I can’t wait… first classic to come out on Blu-ray.


Can’t wait! Our daughter will love it!


i will definitely buy it when it comes out. i love upgrading my collection.