Sleeping Beauty


Is there anywhere in the Magic Kingdom that you can meet her?


We met her in Toon Town. At the character meet and great building (can’t remember the name). Just follow the princess path.


It’s inside the Judge’s Tent.


She is usually at the toontown fair as stated above, or you can definately meet her at either Cinderella’s Royal Table or the Princess Storybook Breakfast (if you wanted to try a character meal).


We met her in the world showcase, but I can’t remember which country. Snow White was in Germany, Belle and Beast were in France. It seems like Sleeping Beauty may have been in France too, but if not then near there.


Yep…we met her there too.

We’ve never seen her in the MK, but the other folks here gave you some good spots to check!


CRT breakfast or CRT lunch.


In MK, you can stop in at the guest services (Town Hall?) and ask where particular characters will be that day and at what time.


I’ve seen her with her prince in front of Tony’s on Main Street, but only once!


yes Sleeping Beauty was in France also~ you’re right. We met her there too. We first saw Belle and Beast inside the building and if you went a little further into the courtyard there, you found SB.