Sleeping Beauty


I know Sleeping Beauty has been released for purchase but I was wondering if it will still be out and available when we go to Disney Nov 30th - Dec 7th. I want to buy that and the Tinker Bell Movie while we’re there.
I’m assuming it will but you know what they say when you assume something!LOL


I think so…those movies are typically out for a year or so before they “go back in the vault” We bought the Little Mermaid there when we were on our trip. I am sure you already know this…but the movies will be much higher in price at WDW than they would at somewhere like Wal-Mart or Target.


LOL-Actually, I never paid attention to the prices and thought they were the same everywhere. It must just be the excitment of being there that I never paid attention to the money I spent there. I have to this year, so I guess maybe I’ll be buying them else where!?!?!?!
Thanks for the info!