Sleeping situation at OKW


Real quickie question for people who have stayed at OKW in a 2 bedroom villa. I have me and DBF in the main bedroom, DBF’DS and DN in the other bedroom and my DD and her DF in the living room on the couches or pull out sofa (up to them how they want to do it). Do I need to bring a pillow and blankets for the girls or will OKW provide extras if I need them? I really don’t want to have to bring another suitcase for just bedding, so I am hoping that I can get extra on request. Are the blankets, if you can get them, that digusting hospitol material blankets? If so, I’ll tell DD to pack a soft blanket…she will never sleep with one of those scratchy things. Anyone?


We stayed at SSR in May and had a queen bed and pull out sofa only. There were 2 pillows and a blanket, for the pull-out bed, located in the closet. Also, we asked housekeeping for 2 extra pillows and an extra blanket and they actually sent 4 pillows and 2 blankets to our room. They are very accommodating. I can’t imagine it would be much different in OKW. The blankets were very soft and warm but I’m not sure if it’s because SSR is new.


OKW is just the same. You’ll have all the bedding and pillows you need and if you want more, just ring housekeeping. No need to bring anything from home - unless you need a special blankie. lol


You’ll also find the kitchen lightly equiped with very basic housewares and small appliances. If you plan on doing any cooking, I’d suggest you inventory what’s there and fill it in with disposable or low cost cookware, etc.


Thanks all for your answers. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t need to add a suitcase to this “fleet” of suitcases that I intend to bring…lol I just don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable or want anything…comfort of home is what I am shooting for. Thanks again.

Soudgod -
I ordered food from garden grocer that can be microwaved…whoever wants something that has to be cooked, can do it themselves…lololol


In a one and two bedroom you have a fully-equipped kitchen - down to wine glasses and a turkey roaster. (though why you’d cook a turkey at WDW is beyond me).


Maybe for the people who spend Holiday’s at WDW?

Ok, yeah, I’d still be spending too much time at a park to worry over -that-, too!


You will love the 2 bedroom villa… it is HUGE. We rented that a few years ago… my husband and I had the master bedroom…we put DD in a pack-in-play in our room…

My MIL and my Mother shared the second room…and alternated letting DS (then 2) sleep with them in their beds…

We didn’t have anyone sleeping in the living room…but I would think they would be very comfortable… Even so, I know they had blankets and pillows for the couch bed because we used them for naps and such. LOL.

We did a ton of cooking while we were there… my mom and I like to cook…and with little ones…it was easier many nights to do so…

You could probalby put all the kids, depending on their ages…in the bedroom… I kind of get lost on the acronyms when you go beyound DS, DD or DH… so I"m not exactly sure what everyone’s relation to each other is… I thought I read that you had a son and a cousin (your boyfriends son and nephew?) and your daughter and her friend… so maybe they’d be okay in one room… I’d put my three kid in the one bedroom… they’d be fine in there…

If your kids are little…they offer bedrails from housekeeping…the beds are rather high off the ground… one night my 2 year old fell out… and the next night he hogged the bed an my MIL fell out… ROTFLMAO…sorry, I can’t help but laugh of the thought of her falling out of bed!


Thanks for all the great info! There is no way I can put all four kids in the same room…it will be WAR! I have two girls (12 and 13) and two boys (14 and 16)…shared quarters are not optional with these guys. My DD and her friend actually want the living room…lol


You got lucky.
By the way, when are you going Dana?


Yes, thank goodness I am not going to get the who gets the bedroom fight…lol I leave on October 25th. The guys are leaving on the 29th and me and the girls are scooting over to a studio at OKW…hopefully one near the two bedroom villa. I told my DD that she would be best off in the living room as it’s closer to the kitchen…that sold her…lol Well that and her and her friend are getting to stay longer than the boys and it’s only fair to give them the room. She was sold after the kitchen part and the rest of my arguement sounded like charlie brown’s teacher…lol


Right now, I’m thinking about going for three days in October so Gail can go to Universal and Busch Gardens for their halloween events, we’ll probably repeat Mickey’s Halloween as well. I’d also like to do New Year’s at WDW again too.


Universal’s halloween event looks scary as heck…I’d love to do it, but no way would my DD make it…lol MNSSHP is as scary as she will get…can’t even get her on Haunted mansion cause the word “haunted” is in the name of the attraction…lol she’s to funny. Me, DD and her DF are going to MNSSHP on the 30th. If you are going to be there that night for some reason, let me know and we’ll stop by and say hi.


Some of the 2 bdroom villas at OKW are lock-offs. This means that they are a one bedroom and a studio attached by door that can be locked-off if they are using them as separate reservations. You could use it as the 2bedroom and just keep the studio after some folks leave. We did this one year when my sisters came and they stayed 2 extra nights in the studio after we left. OKW studios have the 2 queen beds not like other dvcs that have one bed and a pull-out sofa. I beleive you need to request this on your resevations prior to arrival. It will be much easier than moving to a studio elsewhere. Have fun, we love OKW and will be there for xmas again this year.


That is exactly what I wanted. I called the DVC people and requested a 2-bedroom with a lock-off. I told them that I was moving to a studio on the 29th and wished to make the move as easy as possible. They put it on the reservation ,but said it coudln’t be guaranteed. I also requested a 2 bedroom with 2 entrances to the main bath. I don’t want the kids coming through me and DBF’s room every time they have to use it…that’s far more important to me than the the lock off…lol