Slide Show Trip review of 2008


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Again since I just found this awesome place, I now have a chance to share my photos with other Disney lovers. I figured I might as well start showing off the photos from our other trips as well. Again like the 2009 slide show, click on the photo and this time Wall-E will present the 2008 photos our family took.


Very cool …


Well done seadragon. Thanks for sharing. I never get sick of looking at Disney pictures.


Here is the slide show trip review of our Disney 2007 Trip. As I go back through these photos, I am amazed at the sight of my daughter getting older right before my eyes. My big fear into planning the 2007 trip was that she would have got to an age where she wasn’t gonna be excited about Disney anymore. While she didn’t want to do the autographs like she did in 2006, she did find other avenues during this trip. This was the trip where we really got hooked on pin trading. and she enjoyed getting her face painted a few times. Again, click on the photo to start the 2007 slide show.


Finally, our slide show trip of 2006. This was where I fell in love with the Disney experience. I had been as a child in 1974 but did not remember much about the trip. When I turned down Main Street at the Magic Kingdom and saw the castle done up in the gold decorations and all the characters inlaid into it, I was hooked! The smiles of the cast members, the service, the food and the park hopper addition to our total package which allowed us to visit any park we wished during the day, made me feel just like a kid again!
The rides, the shows, the fireworks and everything else put a grin on my face that even surgeon could not remove. Again, as before click on the photo to begin. Thanks.


Very nice pics!


Cool pics . . . thanks for sharing!