Slow Cooker in condos at SSR?


Does anyone know if they have a slow cooker in the 2 bedroom condos at SSR? Should I try calling the resort and asking them? What do you guys think? :dry:




Remember that forgiveness is almost always easier to get than permission.


A crock pot? I don’t think they’ll have one in a villa. But there’s Wal-Mart and Target close enough, and cheap enough, tha you could buy one and leave it behind. You’ll probably save more than the cost of it by using it for a week of steaming rice.


I didn’t look for one but I also don’t remember seeing one last summer in our 2 bedroom at BCV.


What about a large pot for making a spaghetti? What about some type of pot, pan for baking a roast in the oven?


Wow, I am impressed that you want to cook this much on a vaca. hehe :smile:


I know we didn’t have one in the BWV when we stayed there, but that’s a great idea, dump everything in the a.m. and dinner is all done for you when you get back.

#8 had a list of everything in the kitchen down to the number of knives and forks. I do not remember if a crock pot was on there. But the list included things which would be provided upon request.

I kept an edited version (if you would like me to email) and I do not see a crock pot listed anywhere. There is def. stuff to make spaghetti: been there- done that.


I don’t remember any thing to cook a roast in. If you are going to the store once you arrive I suggest you pick up a foil roasting pan so you know you will be able to cook your roast.


Yes - they have a roasting pan - and there’s also the broiler pan, if you want to use that. (They were in the oven drawer).