Small World Restaurant?


Is there a restaruant that overlooks INTO the IASW ride? If so what is the name.

Thanks a bunch!



pinnochio (sp?) village haus…right next to IASW and overlooks the ride if your get a window seat.


There are only a few tables (maybe 5) that actually along the window but if you’re lucky enough to score one it’s a great view.


It actually is a very good counter service meal. It’s air conditioned and for us, there never seems to be a crowd.


it overlooks the loading area…not the interior rooms of the ride. it’s still neat though! :C)

~yummy food!


Ditto what everyone else said.
We went around 2 for a late lunch one day and had no issue getting a table over looking the ride!
It’s fun to wave at the people on the rides.


Here a picture of our view when we ate there during our Christmas trip.


Yeah, Pinocchio Village Haus.
Just looking down on the queue/loading zone is entertaining enough.


I knew I read this here somewhere now I remember seeing this picuture. Thanks everyone!



Pinocchio’s Village Haus. Counter service, fries burgers etc but really nice. Never yet got a seat overlooking the ride but I am continuously working on it! :laugh: Can get very busy but the turnover of tables here is fairly quick.


My DDs :heart: :heart: :heart: to sit by the window . . . the wave at all the boats passing by! Sometimes so much they don’t eat!! :glare: The food is good here . . . and it’s a nice little tucked out of the way place!


We love Pinocchio’s! I also love the fact that it is nice and COOL in there.


Now, this is a restaurant that always confuses me.:confused: It’s Pinnochio’s and it serves Italian type food - so why is it called HAUS - which is German.

Why didn’t they call it Pinnochio’s Villa or something.:confused: I hate when things confuse me.

Anyway - we tried it for the first time last trip and got the seats overlooking IASW - it was fun to wave at the people in the boats. The food was pretty good - I liked the turkey panini and the salad. The pizza was ok too. Pretty standard counterservice, but good.