Smee's 8-day WDW adventure


Okay, folks, I think I finally have some quality time to start a TR. Start being the operative word here. May take several days but at least lovemysons can’t try to make me feel guilty anymore. :laugh: Plus, I finally figured out how to resize my bazillion pictures. What a, well, not fun part of this! But here goes . . .

So, we start our trip the night of March 28 by heading to Milwaukee for a night at one of the airport hotels. Flight takes off at 7:30 Saturday morning and we’re a little over an hour away from the airport. Getting up in the middle of the night just didn’t sound like fun for us. Okay, DH’s suitcase? Check. DS’s suitcase? Check. My suitcase? Check. Carry-on backpack? Check. Travel documents? Check. Overnight bag for the hotel? Check. Dogs are taken care of. Off we go. Pretty uneventful night at the Super 8 except, oh yeah, I forgot Yuri’s ADD meds for Saturday morning. This ought to be interesting.

Early Saturday morning came quickly but we were ready for the airport shuttle to start our journey! Remember, DS hasn’t had his ADD meds. Check-in at the airport was an absolute breeze which was very different from our last trip. And the security point went just as quickly and smoothly. Our first reaction . . . something is wrong here! :laugh: Anyway, as we’re waiting at our gate for the highly anticipated boarding call, we run into the principal of Yuri’s school at the gate next to ours. She’s waiting for her flight to Arizona. So we killed time by chatting with her! Okay, the flight was uneventful (which is always a good thing) and we landed in Orlando exactly when we were supposed to. And we’re startin’ to see the affects of no ADD meds on top of sheer excitement. He doesn’t stop talking for anything in the world and his feet never touch the ground in step fashion. It’s not blatant hyperactivity but more of a fidgety, restless thing with him. And incredibly distracted by, well, everything. We’re off the plane in no time and then there’s that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you go down the escalator to baggage claim and see a nice man holding a sign with your name on it. Carl’s our man. And we waited for our luggage. And waited for our luggage. And waited for our luggage. It took forever for the luggage to come out! Well, Carl made up for lost time and pretty soon we were at our home away from home. Carl was a lot quieter than the other two drivers we’ve had. But Yuri made up for it. :laugh: Hmm. Maybe that’s why Carl didn’t say much. . .
Anyway, we’re at Pop Century . . . welcome home! :happy:



Thanks for posting this.

I’ve been so busy I’m living vicariously through Mousebuzz…


Expecting a very long check-in line like last time, we prepared for the worst. Ha. I was in and out of that line in five minutes! But the best part? When we made our ressies through Mickey, I “requested” a 60’s building overlooking the lake even though we paid standard price. Well, the nice CM said, “Oh, I see you requested a 60’s building. Let me see if we have anything available.” Thirty seconds later, “I think you’ll like this room.” Off we go to find our room . . . 5334. 60’s building. Overlooking the lake. I was so stoked. I couldn’t believe how things were falling into place for us!

Here’s the view from our window . . .


That’s our room, third floor, third window from the right. :happy:


Oh look, there’s Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head! They’d been expecting us. :happy:


I have never been to POP, but I think I would have liked to have been in a 60’s building too. I love that era.

What type of camera do you use? Your pics are so vibrant!


Yipeeeeeee! I love :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: a new TR!!

Keep it comin’! :happy:


i love tr’s thank you


So by now, Yuri can’t get from point A to point B without hopping, weaving, jumping, or skipping. And he’s non-stop chatter. Granted he’s excited, but DH asks if it’s too late to give him his medication. It’s 2:00 in the afternoon. I told him to suck it up and practice his patience. :blink:
Anyway, we get our stuff unpacked and organized and decide it’s time to relax by the pool for a short time. We donned our swimming attire and off we went. Oh, and I started my daily fix of the blue frozen Cokes. :happy: After an hour or so of chillin’ at the pool (Remember, we left a 32 degree Wisconsin with snow on the ground and it was 81 degrees and partly sunny at the resort. Nice.) and discussing our next plan of attack, we decided to head to Hollywood Studios (Called it MGM 90% of the time :huh: Just couldn’t grasp the Hollywood Studios thing.) No particular reason why we chose MGM Hollywood Studios. So we get in line in the bus line. Two people in front of us, a man and a lady in their 40’s/50’s maybe? Holy buckets, people. I hope she’s not a Mousebuzzer because she’ll probably figure out who we are if she reads this. They are from Canada, which really is beside the point. And it was the longest twenty minutes of our trip, waiting for that bus. (We never did wait that long again.) In twenty minutes time we heard all about her grandkids, her policy of smoking in areas where young kids aren’t around and all smokers should abide by that philosophy, how they drove from Canada to stay there and their main purpose was to attend Wrestlemania in Orlando, past vacations they’d taken, more about her grandkids, all the snow they got and who else got a lot of snow and who else had snow along the way of their trip, the Great Lakes, how they vote in Canada and past people she voted for, a comparison of Hilary and Obama, someone’s time share in Mexico, her thoughts on Hollywood Studios, a little more about Wrestlemania, and the best one . . . how she overcame her shyness when she was a young girl and saw how shy her aunt was and how her aunt missed out on so much life because she was so shy and she swore she never wanted to be that way. After we strategically placed ourselves on the opposite end of the bus, Yuri whispered, “She sure doesn’t have to worry about being too shy, does she, Mom?” We were always on the lookout for her everytime we headed to the bus stop. :laugh:


We stayed in a 50s building last time and it was fun, too. But this one rocked.

Some of the pictures are my Nikon Coolpix 5200. Some will be from DS’s Canon Powershot A460. They both take great pictures.


More tomorrow . . .

G’night. :happy:


Oooohhh another TR…jumpin on board!!!
With the chatty woman…did you just stand there and say uh huh uh huh really? uh huh? :laugh:


Hilarious!:laugh: Classic!:cool: Love it!:wub: Keep it coming, I am addicted to your TR already.:happy: Thanks for sharing.:closedeye


Yeah…another trip report!


I made you feel guilty? I prefer to think I am a great motivator.:laugh:

Awesome start Smee!! I love the view from your room, and what a great shot of Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head!!

Can’t wait for more!:flowers:


What a great start!!! Thanks for sharing your trip!


Great TR! I cant wait to read some more. Im stayong at Pop and requested 50’s. Do you think thats a good building?


Hmm… I think I may have met her before too…:wacko:


That’s exactly what our end of the conversation sounded like! :wacko: :mellow: The people behind us kept inching their way backwards. I think they were afraid of getting caught up in this conversation (I use that term loosely). Afterwards, and for a couple days, we just laughed about it. At the time we thought the bus would NEVER get there.


Um, yeah, of course. Isn’t that what I said? You MOTIVATED me to get the TR started?? Of course that’s what I MEANT to say. :biggrin: