Smelling Spaceship Earth


They say smell is the sense that is most connected to memory, and I believe it! There are certain smells that just define WDW for me, like that weird smell in Spaceship Earth when you’re going through the “caveman” scene, the smell of the AKL lobby, the smell of chlorine and cocoa butter suntan lotion, and my Laila perfume from Norway.

Am I crazy, or do you guys have certain smells that are WDW for you?


The smell of the dark ages scene in SE I will never forget…you know of the roman empire burning down and you smell that rich charcoal smell!


AKL is very distinctive no doubt.

The Smells in Philharmagic.

The Skunk smell in JIYI.

The WL smell.

The Smell of burning in SE.

The Smell of Popcorn in the parks.

The Honey smell from the gift shop at the Winnie the Pooh ride. (Not sure if they are still using this one)

Chili Dog Smell in Stitch.

All of these are vivid in my mind.


For me, it’s all about that musty Pirates of the Caribbean smell!


Yeah! That smell of old water and skeletons during the “dead men tell no tales” section… :pirate:


Stitch’s chili dog sticks in my memory. :blow: I love everything in Philharmagic. And I used to like to smell the oranges in Horizons, even though I hate oranges.


O MAN…how can I forget PoC!!!..and HM a little


I think I’m hungry, because the only smell that comes to mind is the candy store on Main St! MMMMMMMMM! :wub:


hehehe…this is a great thread…what about the smell of the contemporary…and boarding a monorail for the first time on your trip!!!


The fire smell in SE,the smell of popcorn as you enter Main Street,there are so many smells I can name!!!


Definitely POC smell! :pirate:

Mickey’s philharmagic!! :happy:

Popcorn in the parks!

The Florida air smell!! :tongue:

The smell of WC at WL!! :happy:


What about the smell of the Orlando airport! It just smells all sunny and turquoise to me! :slight_smile: And don’t forget the smell of cookies baking at the main street bakery!!


The Haunted Mansion smell is my favorite!


One of my favorite scents is the inside of Space Mountain. I know it’s just the ventilation system, but it’s awesome.


For me it’s the smell of the sulphur in the water rides. It’s strongest in IASW, but it’s there in PoC, Splash, Norway, etc.


For me, it’s the smell of the flowers and plants at AK! The flowers at the Oasis, the scents of Africa and Asia on the walking trails and the unique smells at It’s Tough to be a Bug! (especially the stink bug!)


Not the candy!

The cookies!!!

I love the smell of cookies on Main St. :wub:

It’s too bad that IASW has been re-done. I guess it won’t smell anymore? :tongue:

So then the only thing that will scare me is the look of the EVIL SMILING DOLLS!!!

Also, the smell inside Splash Mountain. We should ask caver if that’s really what caves smell like.


That’s one of the things I miss about the old World of Energy ride. There was a very distinct smell of plastic and something else that mixed to smell very bad right around the time you first saw the dinosaurs. Oddly enough that’s one of the things I remember most vividly from my first trip to Disney back in 84.


That was the smell of petroleum (tar pits)

It’s funny though. We’ve talked about smells everywhere but MGM. Doesn’t MGM have any good smells?


Definitely! The candy shop next to the villains store!!