Smokers & WDW


Our travelling party includes a couple of smokers. . .cough, cough. . . How hard is it to find a smoking area in the parks?


Not at all. Just follow your nose. :laugh:


In addition to following your nose, the park maps will indicate where smoking is permitted.
FYI in case you didn’t know, smoking is prohibited in ALL Disney hotel rooms.


I’m so glad! My smoking pals will have to enjoy the great outdoors to sneak a drag. What about restaurants…completely smoke-free?


Yes Thankfully all restaurants are smokefree, not
sure about the bars.


I’m pretty sure you can smoke at the bar at ESPN Club… it looked rather smoky when I was there.


both my husband and I are smokers, there were plenty of places to smoke in the parks. I’m not sure about the resorts though, they weren’t smoke free last time we went. There are supposed to be designated smoking areas .


The smoking areas are clearly labeled on the map and easy to find. We took my MIL in 2003 and she smokes. Also, all restaurants in FL are smoke free and the resort rooms are smoke free as well.

That being said, I think they will be fine. You can find places to smoke if you are looking for them.


When we stopped at Carribean Beach, No Smoking in rooms, but they had no problem with taking a few chairs outside the room to have a crafty fag. Also no problems with smoking around the main pool bar in Port Orleans!!!


I think that all changed last year, there are areas at each resort that are marked for smoking and all other areas are smoke free.


First off, thank you all for keeping this thread about the question and not going off about your opinion on smoking.

On topic now, smoking spots in WDW are very easy to find. Not only are the maps, clearly marked in the parks, but any cast member will gladly tell you where the closest one are if you ask.

At the restaurants, it’s banned totally. You can howver, smoke in a designated spot near or outside most WDW restaurants. At the resorts, in the rooms, it’s also banned. I had no issue finding a smoking spot at all when at POFQ. Like the parks, the smoking areas are designated on the resort map you received when you check in or you can also simply ask at check in where can you and can’t smoke like I did.


I like the no smoking except for certain area’s. I feel bad for smokers of which I was one. Now 1 year no smoking.:biggrin:


Actually…some of the smoking areas in WDW are the best places to sit down and rest your bones! They are typically off the beaten path and their is lots of vegetation around and they are always very quiet! We used to smoke but we’ll still go sit there when we need a rest!


Tom Tom, ’ going outside the room to have a crafty fag’ has a WHOLE different meaning in the USA:redface: :laugh: …


Congratulations! I bet you feel great! Still trying to help my DH quit…

Funny, my DH never lights up when we are in the parks… I don’t know if he realizes that there are smoking areas:ph34r:


Congrats!! The designated smoking areas are pretty easy to find


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: exactly what I was thinking :blink:


Smoking areas are very easy to find. However, be sure to bring your cigarettes from home, I believe they were almost $8. per pack at the resorts. We ran across the street at Downtown Disney to a gas station and got a carton for about $20.


$8??? Wow, I had no idea! How many cigarettes are in a pack?


In august the cigarettes cost $6.50 a pack at the resorts (I bought them form two different ones). Didn’t even phase me as they are just about the same here in NJ.