Smoking in the parks


My father is going to be coming with us to WDW and he is a smoker. He will be fine without smoking while eating at sit down meals but was wondering about the parks. I dont think there is anyway that he will go into the parks if he cant stop out of the way at least a couple of times to have his nasty smoke. We love to give him a hard time but was just wondering about the smoking policy inside the parks.


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There are designated smoking areas throughout the parks. The one that comes to mind in MK is just near the Indy Cars (forgot the name of that:pinch: ) area.

Here is a link that may help:

Smoking Policy and Designated Areas


As soon you get to the park get him a map they are clearly mark on them were the smoking areas are ,most of the time they are in places near rides or atractions that are not too popular so there is less people around.
Dont you hate those that smoke while walking that cant whait to get to the smoking area or just because they are plain morons.


I’m glad your Dad even cares enough to ask about designated smoking areas. I know most smokers actually do use the smoking areas, but I was shocked this past May to see just how many people still walk around smoking with absolutely no regard to the health of others. I have a hard enough time with my allergies with pollen, etc… I am SUPER sensitive to smoke. The last thing I need is to walk right behind a smoker… Just one whiff of cig smoke is enough to totally ruin a day for me. I actually saw a CM actually walk up to a few folks and tell them to put out their cig and point referred them to the guide map to find the designated smoking sections.

I applaud you and your Dad for caring enough about other guests and the rules to ask about this… But what the folks above have said is 100% correct. All parks have several designated smoking areas and they are listed in the guide maps… Have a GREAT trip…


As said in the above post, there are clearly marked designated smoking areas on all the park maps. If you don’t have a map, the CM’s are happy to show you the closest place. I am also so happy to see that you are looking for these spots for your DAd. The amount of guests who don’t follow the designated smoking areas amaze me. As a smoker, I have always looked for these spots. I actually made the mistake of smoking in a nondesignated area once because I seen a pack a people smooking in a spot and just assumed…how emabarrsing when the CM came over to tell me I was in the wrong spot…lol llama was there with me and teased me for ever about it…lol


Like others have said, they are clearly marked on the park maps & CMs are always helpful too.

As a smoker myself, can I just say, IMHO anyway, of the 4 WDW parks, MK has the fewest and farthest between.

That’s cool though, just meant I smoked less.


I don’t smoke and never have. I have no sympathy for smokers and wish they could not smoke in WDW at all!!! Joe


My friend Mary is a smoker, and her favorite smokin’ hole was over by the castle.

I thought it was funny that there was a smokin’ hole right by the castle…it kind of ruined the abiance for me! LOL! :wink:

There is another one by Splash and Thunder Mountain…it overlooks Tom Sawyer’s Island thingie. I think.

They’re definitely clearly marked.


I just want to thank all of the smokers who actually use the smoking areas. I was really disgusted during my last trip to see all of the people smoking any old place they felt like it. Especially now that the surgeon general has declared that second hand smoke is worse than was previously believed. To those who don’t use the designated smoking areas…have some respect for the people who don’t want to breathe in your pollution!


Thanks guys!

Eventhough I dont smoke I am always nagging my father to be careful as to where he smokes. I dont like it no but I am not going to judge him for doing it. It is so funny because until we had children he would smoke anytime anywhere and now that we (sister and I) children it is so funny how much he has changed. He is so good to not do it infront of the children.

Anyways, thank you so much for answering my questions.


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And I suppose you do?


And even if they weren’t clearly marked (which they are), you still couldn’t miss them. Just look for the spot where 50 smokers are gathered around 2 benches… :laugh:


I found out the hard way that looking for the 50 smokers isn’t always the best way to tell. Get the guide maps or ask a CM.


The guide maps are clearly marked and the areas are marked. When I went in October, we brought my mom and step father…and they smoke (UNFORTUNATELY!!! :ph34r: ) Although mom won’t smoke ANYWHERE NEAR ME. I haven’t seen her smoke in about 10 years…lol :laugh:

Kudos to EVERYONE who follows the smoking rules! :happy:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Oh yea… I forgot about your “follow the other smokers” incident… :laugh:


That was so humiliating…the CM had to “scold” me…I wanted to die.:blush:


HAHA, Dana…I can picture you trying to say “But Wait! It wasn’t my fault! I always follow the rules! I was just here because they were! You have to believe me! I thought this was the place! I LOVE WALT DISNEY WORLD! It wasn’t my fault!” :happy:


No it was even worse than that. The fake smoking spot people left and I was standing there alone in an undesignated area looking like a jerk trying to explain myself to a CM…I cringe everytime I think about it. I used the “look for the ashtray” smoking spot technique after that incident…holy canoli…so humiliating…lol