Smoking on the Grounds of Poly


My question is for my son who smokes . We are staying in the Poly in a non smoking room hopefully with a patio, first floor since I am disabled and will have an ecv. I was wondering if he could smoke on the Patio? Is there a special place for smokers on the grounds of the hotels the way they are in the parks? Thanks for any replies.


I stayed at the Polyensian and there are plenty of ash trays about to smoke at. If you are going to be on a first floor room, you will have a cement slab patio and can smoke out there. your smoke will not filter in the rooms as there are no windows and people rarely keep their sliding glass doors open. Bring an ashtray from home and pack it in your checked luggage. I am certian you can get or have a small plastic ashtray. You could also ask housekeeping for one to keep out on the little table on the patio too. Either way will work fine. I do not reccomend doing this if you are on the second or third floor balcony. Only smoke outside your room if you are on the first floor where you have a bit more space and privacy and less of a chance of annoying other with your smoke.


Thanks Dana, honestly I wish he would stop smoking but since he does and is such a great son I do want to accomodate him in some way.


I understand. I still smoke. I have tried to quit so many times and will keep trying until I finally get it licked., It’s very hard.


I just want to thank you and your son for making that extra effort to find the designated smoking areas.


You are welcome, I smoked for years and then the docs said stop or else and this time I knew they meant it so I did,but I will never condemn anyone for smoking and I will respect those who do not. Good Luck to anyone who is trying to stop I know how hard it is. Have a Great day, Nanci


I used to smoke and the only place I noticed any no smoking really really enforced is in the parks, around the hotels the pools seem the only place people don’t really smoke…although I have noticed a few smokers in the back corners of the pool areas puffing away,


I heard that they have specific sections in the park to have a smoke…
but then again, if I have to go without I will.


They do have many designated smoking areas throughout the parks, you will see them on the maps. I remeber when I was smoking I stopped at every one.


I appreciate you wanting to accomodate your wonderful son and you are being kind in thinking of others. However, I’d like to add my opinion. My DD and I both have asthma. DD’s asthma is much worse. Smoke is a definite trigger for both of us. We request nonsmoking buildings when possible. At the Poly I liked that they had designated nonsmoking longhouses. We’re so sensitive to smoke that even in a hotel with nonsmoking rooms (not building) we can smell the smoke coming in from outside corridors. I love to sit outside on my balcony or patio when on vacation. I really hate it when I have to go inside because someone near me decides to smoke on their balcony in a nonsmoking building. You might want to check about the building you are staying in. As far as I know, Poly used to designate smoking floors. I think with the remodeling, they changed to smoking and nonsmoking longhouses. I understand I can’t control people smoking in outdoor public places. But at a hotel it makes me mad when a smoker stays in a nonsmoking room and pollutes the air in common areas we share! Why don’t you just request a smoking room?


I don’t see a problem with smoking on your patio UNLESS your neighbours are out using their patio as well. Then I’d recommend going to a more secluded spot.

I have asthma and my boyfriend smokes, so I see it from both sides.


You shouldn’t have any trouble smoking on a third floor balcony either. One thing to remember, the Poly does not have balconies for the second floor anywhere, it’s some sort of architectural quirk.


That’s not true. The newer buildings closer to the TTC do have balconies on the second floor. The original longhouses do not because they wanted to keep with traditional Polynesian design. But when they built the newer buildings they kept in mind that we all love our balconies, so traditional Polynesian design went out the window.