Snack in the Park


Besides water bottles…what are your favorite snacks to pack for inside the park??


Trail mix, fruit roll-ups and other fruit “gummy” snacks for my kids. Sometimes I will pack apples or bananas.


My DD never finishes her counter serve DDP breakfast. I usually bring a baggie to breakfast and pack her muffin, bagel what ever she hasn’t eaten, and she’ll eat that later on in the day!


nothing, everything I want to snack on is right there at the parks :wink:


I’m with Dopey. I carry a small purse and that’s it. But then we don’t have children with us.


Since we still bring the stroller, I throw water bottles, juice boxes, pretzel or some other kind of snack for the kids to munch on.

Once we are done with the stroller, probably nothing- not even my purse!!


Last year was the first yeat w/o a stroller, I missed it sooooooo much :frown: It’s so much easier when we had it, our DD would just keep all her snacks and water right besider her, and much away.


We don’t either. I used to try to take things in with us but we never ate them and ended up tossing them. We buy what we want once were in the parks.


We always pack granola bars and nuts, usually almonds, for snacks in case we just don’t want to take the time away from riding!


even with children. To us the snacks, although a little costly at times, are part of the park experience as are the restaurants, the transportation, etc. All of this counts as much for us as the rides themselves:closedeye


Sometimes a cereal bar or some crackers but we tend to just buy and munch as we go!


I pack a few sure fire munchies the kids love. Just in case we’re in line for a ride and can’t get out. I grab a few water bottles for the 1st half of the day, then the rest of the day we buy whatever. Disney is the time i let the kids splurge and eat ice cream, soda, etc anytime they want. Hey it’s not just for them, it’s for me too! :laugh:


Woman after my own heart. I could not be bothered with bringing food or beverages along with me in the parks…I don’t want to carry them.


Since there is always a fruit offered as a desert or snack option, we would bring the grapes, apples, bananas with us. I always take a small, insulated lunch tote for juice boxes & fruit plus we pack & bring with us granola bars, fruit chews, etc. All of my kids are grazers so we always have a little something on hand!


If I had multiple children or more than just me and my DD, I would probally do the same. The cost of buying four or more drinks and snacks would be VERY costly.


I will concede we do the same thing ~ at Disney all food rules are gone- you want ice cream at 8am? SURE! Have the ice cream! You want chocolate cake at 9:30pm? SURE! Have the cake! It’s Disney World, for pete’s sake! They eat pretty healthy the rest of the year so live it up!!


I have to agree…I have a “whatever” plan when it comes to what my DD eats at WDW.


deffiently cheese nips, or granola crunchers.


We travel light, so we don’t bring anything into the parks other than water bottles.
Like Disney Teacher says, most of what we’d want is already in the parks, so why weigh yourself down with extra supplies.


I don’t even bring a water bottle. We never even carry a bag in…but then again the next time I go that will be a little different. Holden requires an entire suitcase to go on a trip to the mall.