Snacking 'round the World


Here’s our plan. Instead of a sit down meal with PS while at EPCOT, we want to try to sample “something” from each country in the World Showcase as we tour the park that day.

It can be food, deserts or drinks ( non- alcoholic ) that we wouldn’t be able to find at home. Nothing expensive as we are planning to make sure that we get something from each country. I have two daughters, both who probably won’t take more than a bite or two of anything, so I want to keep away from meals and go more towards snacks/samples.

Please give me an idea of unusual foods that you’ve enjoyed and/or like to snack on and how much it costs per person or if we can share the sample, for each country …

[B]edit[/B] : After reading everyone’s choices, I’ve figured out a few of what I want, not all though. Right now I’m going with majority rules :flowers:

Canada: Pretzel Breadsticks at Trapper Bob’s
the United Kingdom: Fish ‘n’ Chips
France: strawberry filled crepe (or just something from the bakery)
Morocco: Baklava
Japan: Kaki Gori (the snow cones) (and the candy lady :wink: )
Italy: (still don’t have a majority on this one)
Germany:(Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce: anyone had this? I don’t have a majority yet)
China: Egg roll
Norway: Veiled Maiden (anyone know if this is good?) or the Lefse bread
Mexico: (Margaritas aren’t my thing so it’s up in the air)
The American Adventure: (I might skip this one, I don’t know)

Thanks so much for your input everyone!


My daughters BIG love at Epcot is the shaved ice they sell in Japan. She raves about this stuff constantly and will walk miles to go back and get more.


I usually go when its the food and wine festival and they usually have great stuff then but

I would go to the lotus bloom cafe ( counter service in China ) get an egg roll or one of the dishes to share with dh and the red bean Ice cream its really different tasting but good in a way
Italy- cannolis
France - the bakery has crossiant sandwhiches and desserts
those are my top contenders when no food and wine festival is on


Ohhh - so many good choices:

Here are a few of my family’s favourites:

Canada - Beavertails! Stick to the ones with cinnamon. The ones with whipped cream & strawberries can get REALLY messy. You can also sample a small bowl of the cheese & beer soup.

UK - fish 'n chips from the little stand. One order will feed 2 as a snack.

France - anything in the bakery. (you can get a glass of wine, too)

Morrocco - the “baklava” type desserts are very good!

Japan - udon noodles at the Yakatori House (my oldest DD’s fav)

Italy - gelati!

USA - Funnel Cakes!!!

Germany - beer!!!

China - a spring roll (my younger DD’s fav)

Norway - a cream horn from the bakery (my fav!!!)

Mexico - anything from the Cantina.



they dont sell beaver tails anymore from what I heard :angry:


Here is a list of the foods my family and I would like to try, along with their prices. (yes, I wrote it down)

Mexico - Nachos 6.79 (Cantina de San Angel)

Norway - Rice Cream 2.29 (Kringla)
School Bread 2.29
Lefse 1.99

China - eggrolls 3.19
sweet cripsy wonton ribbons 2.49

Germany - soft pretzel 2.89

Italy - TIRIMISU! 3.95
Canolli 3.95
Cappicinno 1.89

USA - skip (well, DH wants a bacon cheeseburger or a chili dog)

Japan - Tokyo sushi roll 6.49

We are gonna share this between a family of 5 (except for the burger and the tirimisu - only my DD and I eat tirimisu, and only I would eat the sushi)


Go get a swarma platter at the Tangeriene Cafe in Morocco, and split it between you. There are some really interesting textures and tastes on that one plate (it’s about $6/7). Also, the mango icee drink is to die for!!! (can you tell I eat in Morocco most of the time??!! :laugh: )


I’ve never been able to find the candy lady at Japan, but she makes animals out of candy and gives them out for free. She’s on my agenda for my next trip…


Canada - I think Beavertails are gone now. :eek:

UK - fish 'n chips

France - Crepes

Morrocco - something from the Counter Service

Japan - Sushi

Italy - gelati

USA - Turkey Leg

Germany - Pretzel

China - no idea

Norway - dessert

Mexico - Taco - duh!


Mexico – Fiesta Margarita!!! ($6.95) (Sorry, that’s usually my only foray into snacking at World Showcase… .)


France’s crepes are $4 and are EXCELLENT!


:eek: I’ve never seen her! Must find next time… :whistling


Well, that sucks.


Definitely get dessert in Norway. There are lots of tasty choices.
The candy lady in Japan is great to watch even if you don’t get chosen to receive a candy. Your girls would probably really enjoy this.


In your opinion, is it better to snack around the world or enjoy a nice sit-down meal? I have PS for Rose and Crown right now because I love fish and chips, but are they the same ones you get at the snack stand? I want to try different things, but still want good fish and chips. :slight_smile:


We’ve tried both. We had lunch on the patio of the R&C once and it was really nice, and we’ve picked up fish & chips at the snack stand. Both were good. I prefer to snack myself, that way I get a chance to sample different things. The snack size gives you 2 pieces of fish and a good portion of chips. My daughter and I each at one piece of fish and shared the chips, so we had lots of room for other goodies.


Excuse my gullibleness (gullibility? eh…), are we talking real beaver tails… like, from a beaver? I’m assuming it’s not, and is just a name. Then again, I’ve eaten some very strange and different things… so you never know.


LOL they are a pastry not beaver thing no beaver tail in them at all


My sister and I did this a few years ago and really enjoyed trying new things.

I agree with Tiggerlover1971…the egg rolls are a must and one of the food items we always look forward to when we go to Epcot.

Try the churros in Mexico too.


I can’t wait to hear how this works out for you. Me and my DD will be there during the food and wine thingy and are planning to do exactly what you are. We aren’t planning any meals that day at all…just gorging ourselves on food from all the countries…lol