Snacks waiting upon check-in


SO what kinds of things can you have to be waiting for you in your room when you check in?..I have seen truffles, a chocolate mickey, etc. But what’s the variety of things you can get? And is there a place on the internet or somewhere where you can view these?


Here is a list of what’s available through the Disney florist. I know there are other places to contact for this same thing. You can also contact the resort directly and ask what is available for you.


Oh yes, there is a place. I use

I love sending friends/family the “Magical Munchies” (under “our unique designs”) which arrives in a Mickey Head shaped basket. The “Mickey’s Kool Snack” is adorable too, but geared more towards older kids & teenagers.

They are always very professional and always come through on special requests, etc.

Their contact number is 407-827-3505.


I love the basket w/ Mickey ears !


looked again, DD would love the princess basket !!


You might also be able to contact your hotel’s room service to arrange for treats to be awaiting your arrival. I think the Polynesian and the Yacht and Beach Club in particular have some great celebratory items on their in-room dining menus.

You can also call your hotel directly to discuss with their pastry chef what they might be able to do as a special welcome.