Snodgrass Vacation


Has anyone read this book? I just finished it and I could not put it down. I laughed so hard…I think I am the nice version of the Nancy character!

For those of you who have not heard/read this book you must pick it up on Amazon OR download to your Kindle for .99! It is a spoof of two families going to Disney World but in the book they call it Snodgrass and EVERYTHING is based off of Walt Disney World…For Example:

They ride “Brutal yet fun and Loveable Buccaneers”

Anyway here is a link to the Amazon Page: Snodgrass Vacation (9781449579241): dave conifer: Books




I have never heard of this book, I will have to check out the link.


Great, I got it on my kindle. Thanks Lisa.


I love books like this!!! Thanks for the info!!


it’s on my list, thanks


Let me know what you think! I was laughing out loud!



Thanks for sharing. I’m going to get it on my Kindle app on my phone.


Just read the first few pages on Amazon! I can’t wait until my book arrives! Thanks for the tip!! I already laughed out loud at the first few pages!!


there is such a thing? Amazing.

I got it last night and heeheee, the park opening - hilarious!!!


[QUOTE=Dopey;1013353]there is such a thing? Amazing.

I got it last night and heeheee, the park opening - hilarious!!![/QUOTE]

Yes, there is an app for Kindle for iPhone. It was a free app-only have to pay for the books. I :heart: it! I was reading Snodgrass as I was walking my dog a little while ago. Very funny! I hope I get to read more while I’m waiting in the middle school car rider line this afternoon. Little kids are going out with grandparents when they get off the bus!:happy:


I wish i could get this on my Nook. But the only place that has this book is Amazon and their files for the Kindle can’t be used on my Nook.


Brandon, a Nook, who makes that and is newer than Kindle or older?


Barnes and Noble makes the Nook. It is brand new just released in the last 2 months.


Just downloaded it to my Kindle, can’t beat those 99 cent books.


thanks Brandon :happy:


Ah man that bites! Read the intro, that way you will get a little chuckle!



Just finished this book. It was cute-not the greatest piece of literature I’ve ever read, but it was cute! It made me want to be on vacation!:happy:Thanks for sharing!


That’s why it only cost .99 :laugh:


Those of you with ereaders other than kindle can find this at smashwords, too.

I’ve just started reading it, but love it already! Hilarious!!


Read the first few pages and that park opening description was very familiar… :laugh: