Snorkeling trip or tour Nassau


Should we take our kids on a Stuarts Cove snorkeling trip or tour Nassua instead. The trip is a majority of the day. How is the snorkeling at Castaway Cay?


SNORKELING!!! It think that would be just so much more of an exciting day!!!


Go snorkeling at Stuart’s Cove. You won’t regret it. Trust me. :happy:


Have you been snorkeling at Nassau or at Castaway Cay–Which is the better option? Our kids are 9 & 13


I never have personally. But I scuba dive. And I’ve heard nothing but absolutely amazing reviews about Stuart. If you’re a beginner, I think they take you a coral reef and that’s only about 15 ft deep.
I’ve always wanted to get out there and do the shark tours, but haven’t been able to make the trip yet.

While I imagine Castaway Cay is nice, I simply haven’t heard it talked about on any diving sites or from any dive partners’ trips.


Snorkeling sounds like SO much fun. And I’m sure it would be great for the whole family too!


I have never been on a Disney Cruise, but I go to Atlantis, Paradise Island. I have gone on the Stuarts Cove snorkeling trip and it was AWESOME!!! It was quite a hike to get there on their vans, though. But SO worth it! My hubby, bro and step-father went on another snorkel trip close to the Atlantis and DH said it sucked next to Stuarts Cove. You can even snorkel above SHARKS!!! :eek: I admit, I was scared to do that but everyone had a great time on that trip.

You won’t regret it!!!

Oh, and there is really nothing special about touring Nassau, IMHO. They have a bunch of designer shops and of course, the straw market. But nothing special AT ALL.



Snorkling, definitely at Stuart’s Cove. Nassau isn’t really that exciting at all, (except for Atlantis) As for Castaway Cay - there are far too many people - you won’t enjoy it the same way. My kids gave up after a half hour. Besides, the water is so clear at Castaway Cay that you just have to walk in the ocean and fish will be all around you. And there’s lots of other fun things to do at Castaway Cay.


My daughter (age 13 then) and I went snorkeling at Castaway Cay. We had a great time, but it was our first snorkeling experience. We were only in the water for about an hour and, really, there weren’t that many fish and there were alot of people. So… for us it was a success because of the novelty factor.

Nassau just didn’t appeal to us, so we stayed on the ship. My wife hit the spa hard, and I even had a try.



Try a dolphin encounter in nassau. I did that on my first trip to Nassau and it was great!!!


I’m with Bruce, Nassua wasn’t that great for me, but then the weather really was the pits the day we were there. On the other hand I LOVE to snorkle so that would be my option!


Majority Rules. Snorkeling :smiley:


I called Stuarts Cove to ask about their cancellation policy in case of bad weather, I didn’t want to be out the money. I was told that we cannot book a trip through them because Disney Cruise has a contract through another snorkeling company in Nassau. UGH< talk about disappointed!!!


That’s strange. They can’t do anything with you at all? Completely separate from the Cruise?


nope, can’t book with Stuarts Cove–we can book through Disney’s contracted excursions 75 days prior to our cruise.


:pirate: You should most definetly go snorkeling. It is so much fun! I’ve been snorkeling in cancun Mexico! It was great! There was so much to see! I hope you have Fun!!! :excl:

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I’ve actually had a personal experience with Stuart’s Cove and I would not recommend them to anyone. They are one of the best know dive shops in Nassau. But we found the dive masters to be pushy and rude.

On our last trip we did a shark tour with Dive, Dive, Dive and loved, loved, loved them (okay that was really cheesy, sorry about that)! They are a bit smaller and I don’t know if they do snorkling trips, but it might be something to look in to!

Thats odd that they won’t let you book because you are doing a Disney cruise! We’ve cruised with Carnival multiple times and they have a set dive company in each place that they deal with, but we’ve never used the boats dive company, we’ve always researched our own ahead of time!

But anyways, go snorkling!