Snow on SBC!


The new Snow/Icicle Holiday Overlay is now appearing on Sleeping Beauty Castle! It looks great! And Fiber Optics are built into the overlay too! Check out latest DLR Pictorial update for the most recent pictures of the castle on the web! *Do note that the pictorial is about 2-3 days old now I would say, so more of the overlay has been placed on the castle since the pictorial update was taken! Enjoy! :mickey:


If you don’t want to look through the whole pictorial, the pictures are on pages 16-18.


Thanks SD, you read my mind. I looked at the 1st 2 pages, thought I was in the wrong place, gave up, and went on. Impatience.

Looks good. Finished product should be great.


Thanks for the link, Tim!

Can’t wait to see it in person. :cool:

IN 37 DAYS! :wub:

But who’s counting? :whistling


Thanks for the link!


Thanks a bunch for pin-pointing the pages…I guess I should do that when pointing out a specific thing :pinch:. But Thanks!! :smile:


The snow really looks like snow!

Well worth the price of admission! :wub:


Disneygeek has a new update from yesterday with all new pics of the castle…I would recomend checking it out!


FYI for all interested castle-lookers: cool shot of snow effect at the top of page 25. :happy:


that is… beautiful. :wub: I’m sad that it won’t be there when we go in February. :crying: